Wednesday, January 12, 2011

White with Colour

Hi there,

l would never have thought that having a blog could be such an adventure (of course much of it is in my own head), but there's so much to learn if l can just find the time to do some research.
This week l finally learnt how to get the date and time off my photos. It has been annoying me for ages, but l just couldn't find the instruction manual. Any way l finally found it, and it was just so simple to take the date/time battery out, but up until now l didn't even know the camera had one. l also read that to improve my interior photos, l need to turn the flash off... 
l'm not sure if the photos are any different but l did learn to turn the flash off.

Liza Giles is the senior stylist for designers guild, and her creative, stylish home was the inspiration for the following post.
l just love the predominantly white rooms to which she has added a splash of colour.
Her fabulous blog can be found right and is well worth a visit.

White painted floor boards (my fave) and hot pink chaise longue, l'd love to nanna nap there with a magazine.

Here l've picked colourful roses from the garden and arranged(?) them in a vintage rose bowl, l've placed them with a corbel/shelf  for which l have no use (yet), but for the price (cheap) l just couldn't leave it behind. A crystal chandelier hangs on an old bird cage holder that l've painted white. The chandelier was a gold tone when l bought it, but after pulling it apart, l brushed it lightly in white acrylic paint and put it back together.

You may notice the lace tulle skirt which hangs behind a white bird cage. There is a birds' nest thats sits inside the cage which l also spray painted white.

Above is a close up of the tulle skirt shown here with a couple of sets of beads, one is of white faux pearls, and the other vintage milk glass faceted beads.

A cane chair with home made cushions provide a comfy seat to place in a window in the sun.

More stunning photos of Liza Giles' home which is a four storey Victorian home in South London, and is shown in  "Insideout" magazine (May-June 08).

The photographs are by James Merrell.

The Tretchikoff prints in the background (photo below) are from the 50's and are now becoming very collectable.
 The print of the lady on the left is called "The Chinese Girl" or is sometimes known as The Green Lady and is one of the best selling art prints of all time.

These and many more were painted by Vladimir Tretchikoff who was born in Siberia in 1913 but his family fled to China in 1917 where he was educated at the Manchurian college. He died in South Africa in 2006. (Thank you Wikipaedia).

l hope you've enjoyed this post as much as l have, putting it together.

Sincerely Bron.

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  1. I really enjoyed this post Bron (you are very funny!) and I've learnt something new as well about vintage prints. I love your photos and the white interior pics - I'm of to vist Liza Giles blog now - thanks for sharing.