Saturday, January 8, 2011

Vintage Packaging

Hi there,

This week l wanted to show you some more art work and the one below, is one of a number of native floral paintings that l've painted over the years. l think depictions of Australian natives in art are quite uncommon which l find surprising, or maybe l just don't get out much.  l love Warratahs (especially the white ones) because they are so architecturally striking and they last so long in a vase as a cut flower.
The painting is an acrylic on canvas and shows white warratahs which are extremely rare in the wild, but were propagated and made a commercial success at Wirrimbirra by a lady called Thistle Harris.

Below is an image l have shown before but thought it worth repeating to show off these wonderful Warratah blooms.

This week l discovered interior stylist Sibella Court who is an Australian  stylist, author and shop owner. Her interesting style is evident in her many unusual collections, and she has a new book out called etc. You can visit her terrific blog at . The photo below is one of Sibella's via

Sibella's cabinet of gorgeous vintage packaging inspired me to search the cupboards for something similar to photograph for this post. l didn't have a lot, but hope you enjoy these l have put together.

The Coty talc, powder puff and small round container were bought at a market still in it's original packaging, and dates from the 60's (the talc powder still smells beautiful and fresh). It is shown with a very large bottle which once contained 4711 ice cologne. This perfume began manufacture in the 30's in Germany and is still being produced today.


Modern beads in shades of green, and vintage torquiose chain beads from the 60's with depression glass perfume bottle and old fashioned roses.

Love these Chanel incidentals, one of the many beautiful images you will see at

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  1. Hi Bron, love your painting of the white waratahs. you are a very talented painter, and your inspiration for the perfume photo is fantastic. lovely work. i really like your photography. i have looked at all your blog - great inspirational work. and the vintage pics you share are great too. nice to meet you today, julie from the market. i have a blog somewhere in her i shall dig it out and send it on to you to see. julie

  2. I am a fan of Sibella Courts styling as well. Thanks for the link to her blog - I didn't realise she had one. I love how you've styled your own vintage collection, it looks really beautiful.

  3. Hi Bron, Thank you so much for your kind comment. I am so glad to have now discovered your blog :) Your painting is wonderful, and I just love the entire content of your blog! I look forward to reading more.