Thursday, March 28, 2013

Easter Wishes.

 Here's hoping you all have a fantastic Easter sure has come around quickly hasn't it.
 l've been looking forward to it this year as our girl will be home for a few wasn't surprising that she asked if we could have an Easter egg hunt since it's always been a bit a family tradition....except that for THIS hunt she wants me to write clues as to where the eggs are??
Usually l'd buy those small solid chocolate eggs and "hide" them all around the yard. Problem was l could never remember (exactly) HOW many there were, or WHERE they were, and apparently l didn't hide them very well either.....'cos hubby still likes to joke about how he'd be mowing over easter eggs for weeks afterwards...haha...
When l saw this bunny at the opshop l thought he'd be great for an Easter display, he cost just a tinsy 20 cents, so what did l have to lose..... though at the time he didn't look too Easterish with his brown painted face, red checked shirt and denim overalls, but here he is...a NEW bunny entirely after three coats of white paint:-)).
The old hat was decorated with paper "easter" daisies, perfect for an Easter parade....


l really wanted a blue cushion to match in with all the other blue things l've been adding around here lately:-)) so this one was made using the frill from an old dress. It was gathered at the centre and sewn onto a circle lining...for the back l used a matching damask. The lace and vintage brooch were added to neaten up the centre. 

 The rosettes were made from scrappy strips of cotton and silk....their centre pieces are old earrings that have had their clips removed....they were then handsewn on.

Stacked florentine trays and empty (Madonna) JP"Gaultier" perfume bottle  that l found at the market. Floral candle and Victorian painted glass.
This funky rosary was found at the was made in El Salvador.... l love the primitive style painting and the sun and flowers seem to happy it up.

Some more pics of part of my religious collection....all in the spirit of Easter:-))  

l'm lovin' THESE Easter bunnies....dearlillieblog. via pinterest.

l hope you all have a wonderful, relaxing and fun break....thanks so much for popping in here.

Til next time,



  1. Hey Bron, I had to chuckle about the mowing of the eggs, that's too funny. Its lovely to hear that your daughter is still a kid at heart. Hope the Easter bunny leaves something nice, and that you all enjoy the Easter break, Tam x

  2. Здравей Брон, хубаво празнично настроение струи от твоите снимки. Харесва ми велекденската декорация само в бяло, много е нежна.
    Поздрави и весел Великден.

  3. I love this easter post bron -so colourful & so pretty.
    Mowing over the easter hunt eggs had me LOL!
    You are so clever in making the lovely blue cushion & easter rosettes.
    Lovely styling & photography in pics 5, 6 & 7. Your colour choices are absolutely gorgeous too.
    Happy easter bron x

  4. Such pretty Easter inspiration.
    Wishing you & your family a very happy Easter!


  5. What gorgeous inspiration for Easter!! I wished I'd of read this before Easter! I've been away too long! xox