Saturday, August 4, 2012

Bird,Butterfly and Branch.

l sometimes wonder if other people's houses are evolving and changing on a regular basis like they are here. For those of us who are collectors....the finds that make their way home need a place and/or a purpose, so they often become the inspiration to shuffle things around, arrange something new or maybe take things's all very cyclic isn't it.

The lampshade was the wrong colour for this (now) beachy corner so l threw a tiered skirt over the top of it 'til l come up with a more permanent solution....l've done this a few times before and l love the idea of a quick change whenever the inspiration hits.

The military style belt was added for a little structure and detail....A diamente brooch gives a sparkle.

The glass jar is a new (old) addition to the corner as well.....l gathered some tortured willow sticks (see top picture) and lightly sprayed them white.....they looked a little Winterish (bare) so l made some birds from sheet music...a little glitter was added to the wing and tail tips.....diamentes became eyes.


While we were collecting the willow l snipped a few pliable tree twigs which were plaited, woven and sprayed white to form a wreath for my butterfly collection.

The butterflies range from the 30's to the 70's mostly picked up in opshops for less than a few dollars.

My bedside lamps are also under reconstruction:-)).....they were stripped of all their previous lace and frills. Their wire frames were repainted and placed on the candlesticks to dry.

l recently added this priest to my religious collection....although it's meant to be a candle he's holding it looks more like a sword doesn't it.......some tot's had a chew on the end of it as well, haha!!...
Mary has a new angel wing pendant.

Gorgeous vignette from bellemaison23 via pinterest.

It's been a lot of fun rearranging and making a few things while watching the games....bring on the athletics next week (go Aussie's).....have a wonderful weekend everyone....

Til next time,



  1. Уау, каква красота, синя магия!!! Не мога да отлепя очи от тези снимки, зашеметяващи са. Толкова красиво е подредино всичко така пленително...
    Поздрави и хубав уикенд от мен.

  2. Love your little vignettes and collections!

  3. Hi,
    Despite everything I write, I have to praise the beautiful porcelain , statues , one more beautiful than the other! ! Your wreath is beautiful , butterflies are hezouncí and cute ! And the paintings in the style of Rachel you painted yourself? Beautiful!
    I send many greetings , have a nice weekend! Vicky

    1. Thanks heaps Michaela...l'm glad lm not the only one who loves these little religious things:-))Yes l did paint the tutu pictures, they were great fun to do..

  4. świetna kolekcja religijna, ja w swoim zbiorze mam dopiero jedną Madonnę:) Bardzo podobają mi się Twoje lampki:)

  5. I love your beachy corner bron ... The colours are gorgeous! The glass jar with the sticks & paper birds looks so lovely. Your butterfly wreath with the cross & beads could easily be a dreamcatcher it looks so beautiful!
    Thanks for brightening my day.
    X michelle

    1. Thanks means a lot that you love the colours, since you're a colour consultant:-)) Thanks for the idea of turning the wreath into a dreamcatcher, project for the future??l'm so happy l've brightened your day.

  6. Beautiful vignettes and the wreath turned out beautifully.Love it.
    XO Marie

  7. Found your beautiful blog through Tam at A Treasured Past and wanted to say hi!

    Bee happy x

  8. Hi Bron, I am forever trying to find a spot to put new treasures. I have a little break and then I can't help myself, in comes more.

    You know I love your religious collections, and think your painting are fab. You really have a knack for display and lovely things, its always a pleasure to pop on over.

    p.s. Thanks for the lovely comments, you always brighten my day.T x

  9. Hi Bron,
    Í can't believe those butterfies are from opshops! They are lovely! And what a clever idea to strip back the lampshades.
    Beth x

  10. Usually I'm not a big fan of Blue... but you have done a Blue Room so Beautifully that I'm totally Loving it! Love your Religious Collection, mine is one of my oldest Collections and the hardest one for me to Edit or Purge, I get so attached to the pieces from it!

    Dawn... The Bohemian