Friday, August 17, 2012

Creamy Whites and Pearls.

Lamp Revamp.

 l mentioned a couple of posts ago that our bedside lamps were under (re)construction and l hoped you might like to see how they turned out. l've sat them on the candlesticks so you could see them together.

l was going for something a bit different.....and l remembered how enjoyable it was working with hessian  at school....l mostly loved the way it frayed with such ease, so l really wanted to use...and take advantage of that.
Though l had in mind using the hessian, the end result wasn't at all more just evolved. The bottom half of the fabric was frayed and the threads attached to the edge (two at a time) using a kind of macrame knot, after this l wasn't sure how to finish the lamps off, so when l came across a bag of broken (large) pearl strings at the opshop, l took it as a sign:-)) The pearls were each threaded on to every third or fourth string and the remainder strings were cut evenly to neaten.

A few metres of tiny seed pearl strands were bought from Spotlight and glued on...they add balance and hide the imperfections. A band of hessian was gathered and frayed and attached to the top edge. Vintage shell earrings were customised with pearls and glued on.

l put this creamy vignette together and used the soft focus setting in picassa.... it reminds me of the pics in the old "Victoria" magazines.


Now that's pretty!!! berengia.tumblr. via pinterest.

Vintage bag that matches my quilt ....having a bit of fun with the cinemascope  setting in picassa.

l had to smile when my daughter sent me this pic of the tea tins she painted using lace and spray my Mum would say....the apple doesn't fall far from the tree :-))

If you'd like to check out her gorgeous pinterest page click here .

Hope you all have a great weekend and have time to do something for YOU, thanks so much for stopping by.

Til next time.



  1. Hi dera,
    The lamps are beautiful,perfect, not words!!!!A beautiful bedroom,again the details - frame, Rose!!!I love!!!
    Greetings! Vicky

  2. О това са толкова невероятно красиви лампи! Много креативно, вие сте истински майстор. Каква красота...
    Поздрави и хубав уикенд от мен.

  3. What a lovely post! Charming!
    Amanda -

  4. Hi bron, I love,love,love your lampshades & their tactile appearance. Your idea of fraying & attaching the threads is incredibly clever & the pearls & gathered hessian decorations are perfect!
    Thanks for sharing you lovely creative inspirations.
    x michelle

  5. The lamps look great next to your bed. Very clever!
    Beth x

  6. Hi Bron, the shades are really lovely, so too is the lamp. Your bedroom is just tooo gorgeous!

    Love the last image, its nice to see your daughter is as creative as you and your mum. The tins are really sweet and I lie the indian inspired throw.

    Hope your weekend has been a good one, Tam x

  7. Bron your lamps are wonderful!! I love them:) And the other pictures are really lovely, like in magazines!!!You are really tallented woman:) Have a nice week!!

  8. Thanks so much ladies for being so lovely and means a lot.

  9. Your bedroom is just gorgeous! Wonderful lamps!

  10. I love your lampshades! They are so ethereal - what a beautiful touch to your room. What delicate work! That couch full of pillows is another of my photos! :) I'm having so much fun looking through your blog!