Saturday, July 28, 2012

Fun and Games.

Let The Games Begin.

l don't know about you guys.....but l love the olympic games.... l love the whole world spirit of them....So here was l, and l wonder if you were too..... up with the crows at 5.00 this morning to watch the opening ceremony in London (on the telly)....and it didn't disappoint. There were incredible feats of synchronization during the history of Britain and eye (and ear) popping sensations during the fireworks ....but for me the highlight was Rowan Atkinson joining in with the London Philarmonic Orchestra.....funny AND fun. 

A few small projects this week.
l've made lots of paper peonies before, but this time l decided to hand paint the paper.....l thought this might help them appear more realistic. (pic further down).

My daughter who clearly has me figured out (O.K. l may have HINTED :-)) bought me a subscription to Romantic Homes for my Birthday (in May)....l was so excited when my first copy arrived (from America) the other day.

These birds also underwent a colour change (or two)...they were once gold, (before pic below)....they were undercoated in white with a matt spray, which look great, but then l thought they might be even nicer blue.. but back to white they went.


Something else l've been messing round with......Tissue paper roses....great for decorating presents. The petals were torn (rather than cut with scissors)....l like the effect of the fragile, translucent petals.

l made half a dozen or so. Some large and some small.

The top pic is the tissue paper when wet with paint which was daubed on, (which l used for the peony)....l've used white acid free paper which is a little thicker than the usual, you can buy it at most stationary suppliers....l used a hairdryer to hurry up the drying process....(no patience at
Below is the birds when they were gold.

l've also been putting a few necklaces together out of broken bits found in bag lots. Two sets of carnival glass necklaces (yellow and brown). The beaded lace necklace was made a while ago..also out of scavenged pieces.

Gorgeous white carnival glass beads which are prob'ly 30s or 40s. Beaded 60s wedding horseshoe sits to one shoulder.

Hope you have a fantastic weekend wherever you are and whatever you're up to.



  1. Dear friends,
    it's amazing birds - they are absolutely perfect -white suits them very definitely ! And your paper flowers are beautiful - I love peonies , I thought that is true ! Beauty ! Could you tell me how you do ? :-)
    Also I must commend the bed- it is a real gem !
    Necklaces much you succeeded ! And you're very good daughter , if you got such a beautiful gift , I wish you lots of interesting reading and inspiration from the magazine !
    And I wish you a wonderful weekend! Greetings !!

    1. Thanks so much for the lovely comments Michaela...l'm glad you like the bed l bought it off ebay for Christmas..Yes the magazine is great..l send myself off to sleep with a magazine every night.

  2. Hi Bron,
    Gorgeous paper flowers and necklaces, so pretty!

    The kids are excited to watch the games this year, but I must admit we only saw the lighting of the flame and the fireworks this morning, it was spectacular. Enjoy the games, Tam x

    p.s. the kids have gone gold panning this afternoon, so I have a few hours of quiet time before they come home :) I hope they find a huge nugget! I told them to take a few photos so I hope they do.

    1. Yeh lets hope the kids DO find a big nugget AND bring it home:-)) wouldn't that make life simpler....enjoy your free time Tam l bet you don't get too much of that at the mome....yeh l'm gonna be hanging round the telly a bit in the next few weeks...just need a few more projects to do while l'm at it hehe!!!

  3. Много романтична и красива спалня. Божурите, които си направила са много нежни и очарователни.
    Поздрави и хубав уикенд от мен.

    1. Thanks Nelly l appreciate you taking the time to check out my blog.

  4. gorgeous! love your romantic homes magazine display! you'll LOVE the jeanne d'Arc living magazine on my website! it's very popular here. hope to see your order at!


  5. Przed chwilką na pisałam komentarz i niestety nie dodało się, więc piszę ponownie:)Białe ptaszki prezentują się wspaniale na tle tego boskiego łóżka, z tymi wspaniałymi zagłówkami:)Pastelowe róże również piękne:)A magazynów wnętrzarskich naprawdę zazdroszczę, na pewno radość wielka przy oglądaniu:)Pozdrawiam Ala
    P.S. Thanks for visiting my blog!I'm really happy that you came and gave my great comment! I should also write that my English isn't perfect but believe me...I've tried to write it correctly:)

  6. This post is really beautiful bron- pic 2 & 4 are my faves - the colours in pic 2 are amazing & So is your styling in pic 4.
    I love your peony roses with their torn edges.
    You are so clever!
    michelle x

  7. The tissue paper roses are fabulous..I love the frayed edges!
    I can't wait to the watch gymnastics competition, it's my favorite part of the summer Olympics!
    Have a fabulous day,

  8. Those paper roses are so pretty & delicate ... just gorgeous!