Friday, May 25, 2012

Memory Board.

Life can be sometimes sad.... and this is one of those Sisters' beautiful family is changed forever. 

but with love, support and positivity....l know that together we will face the challenges ahead.

Just sharing some memories.... and whimsical ideas....l've put together.

Favourite pics....our kids, when they were young.

....and artsy shots of them in black and white.....elegant white swans of England.

Handiwork, flowers and ballerinas. horseshoes (for luck) and faded rose bloom.


l love and appreciate you taking the time to stop by.

Til next time.



  1. Thats a bit cryptic Bron, I hope everything is o.k. The prettiest mood board ever! Thoughts from a very cold NSW, Tam x

  2. Thanks so much for that Tam, l really needed some feedback....l made a few changes and hope it reads's bleak here in Vic too:-))

  3. Bron my life has taken me in a slightly different direction and my blog remains dormant. I just popped over today to read some of my friends blogs for the first time in ages. Your mood board is beautiful. Sending positive energies and warm hugs to you and yours.

  4. It was such a lovely surprise to see your comment....l've thought of you at times and wondered how you've been getting on. Thank's so much for the positive energies and hugs l very much appreciate it.

  5. thoughts of sincere kindness and prayers for your family in what sounds like a rough chapter of life.

    your memory board is lovely. before i moved i had a floor to ceiling pin board with little fun things, pictures, inspiration, found feathers, leaves, faded blooms, love notes, broches, etc.
    seeing your board reminds me how much i missed seeing the little pieces of joy i had collected over time. as much as i love pinterest there is nothing like touching and arranging those little happy objects.
    wishing you the best of days!
    xo tracie

  6. Kindest thanks for your visit, thoughts and prayers Tracie....all things seems somehow bearable when we feel supported, don't they...Your floor to ceiling mood board sounds epic and much like a work of art, l can totally see how all your lovely collections arranged together would bring so much joy.

  7. Thankyou bron, your support means so much. Your moodboard and styling is really beautiful ... a feast for the eyes.
    Thanks everyone for your kind thoughts and prayers.
    michelle x

    1. Shel...thanks for stopping by even though all is not well in your you Sis.xo.

  8. I missed this post and being able to comment in a timely manner. I am so very saddened by whatever it is that your sister, her family, and you, will have to be facing. You are in my prayers and will be until we hear of a break in whatever may be taking life in a downward direction. I wish I could do more than sit, pray, and wait. But, prayer is a powerful tool. I ask God to show His presence in a big way, bringing the light of true hope and healing. xoxo

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  10. Thanks so much Shelly for your thoughtfulness and prayers...they're so very much appreciated...and l'll also pass them on to my Sis and her family.

  11. I also have made ​​board , they are so beautiful that ? ! Yours is beautiful, too povelda you if you want me to look at my blog , I love when you visit me !