Thursday, May 3, 2012

Channelling Marie Antionette.

It's been a couple of weeks in the making.... but my Marie Antoinette (inspired) cushion is finished.

 When l bought the job lot of silk panels at the market (pic below) l thought one of them would make a great period centrepiece for the cushion, but at the end of day the ones l liked were too small and/or dark.

So l've had a go at painting a panel myself....l'm sure she looks nothing like the REAL Marie but it's just the idea isn't it. Special paints weren't needed, l watered down the acrylics l already have and painted onto a piece of raw silk, but l'm sure you could use pretty much any fabric. 

Top left. The cushion is made from velvet and joined at the centre with satin ribbon, velvet ribbon was sewn over the ribbon for a pop of colour.(geez does that make ANY sense)
Top Right.  Silk panels in frames.
Bottom left. l carefully cut out the centre of the doyley to allow for the painting to be "framed."
Bottom right. The diamente dress straps l featured here were cut to size and threaded through the lace.

Velvet fabrics were torn into strips and formed to make a rosette. The soft edges l hope give it a more relaxed feel, it was also stuffed with feathers for the same reason. Never mind that the place looked like a Steggles slaughter house and that we were picking feathers off our clothes for a week....haha!! Now l know why they invented polyester.....

 l found a few glam-ish pics from my files that fit the theme.

Vintage costume jewellery.

Roses and feathers and tulle.

Kirsten Dunst as Marie Antoinette.. love this movie... .celebritywonder via pinterest.

and what's a glam post without shoes via pinterest.

Awesome dress and in the background are beautifully embroidered cushions.
 vestidosfiesta via pinterest.

Hope you've enjoyed this post as much as l have putting it together.

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  1. How clever you are to create something so special - it looks so lovely. I really love the rosette too - and your roses.
    Thanks for sharing.
    x michelle

  2. I really like your cushion Bron, and much prefer your gorgeous painted panel to the market ones. The fabric and fringing, and rosette are all gorgeous. I love the movie, more for the pretty fashions.

    p.s thanks for listening to my crazy musical tastes, they went down a storm..haha. Also I will pass on the birthday wishes to Ind, she will be chuffed. Enjoy your arvo, Tam x

  3. MA is such a style icon! You did a beautiful job of capturing her spirit of "lusciousness and extravagance". As far as my opinion goes, I love your artsy painting of her! You are so talented, Bron. And, love your humor,'cause you're right--a glam post has to have shoes!!! xo

  4. I bet you had so much fun making this beautiful pillow...the painting is amazing!

  5. I'm a little late but I LOVE this post. take care, Darlene