Monday, January 30, 2012

Keeping Kool.

I'm not sure about your neck of the woods.... but here it's been SIZZLING all week...don't get me wrong Summer's awesome and l love it.... but we really NEEDED some rain and last night it the dust has settled and the day's cooled off a tad and maybe now l can wind that bloody hose up for a couple of days....yay!! 

This week l've been working on a few projects....l finally got around to clearing out that dome l bought a couple of weeks ago, (thanks to TAM and SHEL for their great advice). l also did a little (fast) charcoal ballerina sketch for the moodboard update l'm working on.

The dome was taken apart very carefully....l was rapt to save the butterfly.....l soo didn't want to throw him out.

A few weeks ago l bought a top which may have been part of a suit...anyway it was really blahhh, totally shapeless with giant puffy know the sort, but the lace overlay certainly had potential. Cos it was a couple of sizes bigger l knew l had extra fabric to play with to make something else. Some cutting and sewing later l ended up with this vest....
Now l'm not really gonna wear THAT cross with it...l have one way BIGGER than that.. haha...

Also found at the oppy this week (it's NEVER to hot to opshop) a couple of pairs of gloves...these l think would be 50' cute are the little embroidered flowers.

and these white one's with stud buttons might be earlier..... p'raps 40's.

A few can never have too many. White cosmos and Just Joey rose.

Found at trash yesterday....wooden rose print just $4.00, nice.


But the pick of the week was picked by mum........last Sunday l had to work (again) but luckily she was on the job, and found me this foot high Jesus...she wouldn't tell me how much he cost but isn't he awesome.(Even if he does have a dodgy eye).
Apparently she told the guy selling it (and l quote)....If l leave that there my daughter will kill me!!! ...
How very CHRISTIAN she made me sound :-)))  Bless her.
Here he is in all his glory, pictured in the background is my other Jesus.

This pink sofa looks to me like it's outside?? via pinterest.

Lovin' the fake doors and the lace valance...crushculdesac. via pinterest.

Cool butterfly ballerina also via pinterest.

Thanks so much for stopping by....have a fantastic week won't you,
Til next time,



  1. Hi Bron,

    I have been blog surfing this evening and here is where I landed
    in "Vintage and Art land" Yay!!
    I love the lace vest that you salvaged from the suit top...So pretty!!

    I am now your 35th follower and so happy to meet you!!

    Come on over to my blog for some Strawberry lemonade..since it is so hot by you!!

    Hugs and Smiles,


  2. I just saw you on Claudia's blog and thought I would stop by and say "hi". Your blog is so pretty!
    Have a fabulous day!

  3. What a lovely (& very funny) post bron, I love what you've done with the dome. So much better. I really love the colours in pic one... the grey table looks purple grey and so beautiful with the greenery of the cosmos. Oooh the cosmos... they are so beautiful!... especially in pic 7. Love all your other pretty things as well and jesus is so cool. I always enjoy seeing your pinterest pics too.
    Have a great week.

  4. Too entertaining! I love a great blog post with a sense of humor added! My favorite in this post--your mother's comment while negotiating a "JESUS" purchase! I will share that story in my conversations if you don't mind!

    And, I replied to your comment on 'LUSH' in regards to The Paris Apartment! Isn't it just wonderful?! I had the same idea to rush over and comment to you, but you got to me first! Thank you! And, I'm so honored for you, and me.

  5. Such a beautiful post and your new Jesus is awesome. What a fab Mum you have to nab it for you!

  6. Hi Bron, we have had the strangest weather, yesterday I even had to turn the heater on it was cold!

    The glass dome looks fantastic, especially with the mirror coaster underneath, so much better.

    Love the Jesus, even if he has a dodgy eye. The rose print is pretty too.

    Enjoy your weekend, its been a hectic week here, I'm back to work and the kids have just started their new school year, Tam x

  7. Can you shoot well and create beautiful places , beautiful arrangements !