Friday, January 20, 2012

In a bit of a Jam.

Well l know l was telling you last post that l'm no cook..... and that's true, but l really enjoy eating jam so each year about this time l make an effort to cook a couple of batches...... l head to mums' to pick the fruit from her pleasantly plump plum trees:-) It was something she did for decades, but now no longer eats sugar, so l've had to step up.  

The recipe is very simple......a pound of plums, to a pound of sugar (brown's good) and an hour of cooking for each pound of fruit. It needs only to be simmered for the entire time it's cooking. 


It's great to be able to share 'round...... so to pretty the jars up l've covered the lids with some floral fabric (an old shirt) and torn some of the same fabric into strips to tie the covers on. A rubber band underneath the fabric strip will hold the cover in place.

l then put a few things together from around the house and took some pics.....Not so old jug and bowl set with depression glass vase of roses, the rose is called Julia's Rose and is a lovely faded brown colour. Mauve towels and gilded filligree petite point hand mirror and brush. Teeny bottle of Indian Opium perfume.

Vintage chinese style tin and gold tone mesh coin purse. 

The plush velvet fitted hat is prob'ly thirties shown with various tins, wings and beaded bags.

Gorgeous rusty type bath. ladylavona. via pinterest.

Selection of china from selinalake. via pinterest.

Vintage suitcase and trunk.....uncoeurenprovence. via pinterest.

Quirky and interesting. via pinterest.

Divine cushions, also via pinterest.

Thanks again for your visits and kind comments...hope you have a wonderful weekend coming up,

Til next time,



  1. Hi Bron, I wouldn't want to say pleasantly plump plum quickly five times, it could come to a sticky end..haha

    We have had very little fruit this year, a bad season. Carl picked our first tomato yesterday! The few plums we have had, Kade has scoffed, which is good.

    The bathroom is gorgeous, I would love a bath just the same. We are hoping to redo our bathroom in the next year or so, that would be very similar.

    I don't look at pinterest much, I may never leave, but do enjoy your links at the ends of your posts.

    Hope you are enjoying your weekend, Tam x

  2. Yum! and how gorgeously decorated... like something just out of a magazine. I love the pretty floral fabric and the pink gives it a lovely girly edge. Love how you've left the fabric edges raw for a relaxed vintage touch.
    I also love the colour of julia's rose and the co-ordinated hues in photo 6 & 7 but... photo 8 is my favourite, all your blingy, gold & coloured shiny pretty, gorgeous treasures and the angle at which you have photographed it.
    Thankyou for sharing.
    x michelle

  3. Oh wau-packing glasses completely disarmed me , an amazing inspiration , can I borrow the idea ? My email is!