Wednesday, May 4, 2011

For The Mums

It'll soon be Mother's Day and we'll have another reason to celebrate. It seems to be  everything at once, not that l'm complaining, Mothers Day is my most favourite celebration of the year. lt was especially great when the kids were little and they'd be sneaking around trying so hard to keep their secrets and hide their pressies. They seemed to really enjoy the whole process of making inedible brekkies and unusable gifts... how l miss those days haha!! Don't know if anyone else remembers the old school Mothers Day stall, we kids (ok.. Mums) would have to make or donate a gift worth no more than about a dollar and on the Friday before Mothers Day the trestles were laden with gifts in the school hall so all the kids could pick out a pressie for Mum, and maybe Grandma if there was anything left over. The preps always went first and then the Grade 1's and so on.
l'm sure Mum would train us for that event, buying us new runners, wording us up on what to grab, and showing us a bit of karate so we could elbow our way to the front. Sorry Mum, that bit's rubbish...... but l wonder if some Mums did, that would explain how all the good stuff was gone by the time l got there.

Four generations of Mums, bottom left is me with my Mum, to the right is her Mum and above is my Great Grandmother on her wedding day.
The pic on the right is a favourite photo of my kids when they were little, my son is trying unsuccessfully to copy the pose of his sister. They were cute then.. haha!!

For those unorganised people like me, l thought l'd share a few gift ideas that l hope you agree are not only pretty but also practical.
Vintage lace boxed hankies and contemporary, funky ones. On the right are a battenburg lace tablecloth and a modern beaded and sequinned tablecloth.Both bought secondhand but still with labels.

Useful is always good heh.........on the left is a lovely vintage pinnie (apron) and the one on the right is one l made which is a little more contemporary, you may notice the hand painted chandelier and the ever useful pockets also.

Little tubes of hand lotion are also great. You can pop them in your bag and keep one in the car....
The pink lace background is a scarf which also makes a nice gift.

Teatowels are always handy as well, whether you or your mum are the velour using type or a linen user. The ones shown are vintage linen.

To me the cards were always the most special part of the pressie as the kids would often draw and write their cards to me. They were usually son once wrote "To Mum or significant female guardian."
The pic on the right shows a selection of new "Artsy" cards and some vintage ones, even if the vintage cards have been used you could  glue new plain paper over the old message on the inside/back.

If there's any guys out there reading this, here's the heads up, the things above and their ilk are gifts we don't want, not even if they're expensive.... or come in pink.
l mention this only because........the pic on the left shows an actual present l did recieve one year after expressing that l'd like to make dolls house furniture.....perhaps he thought l said trolls house. Though l can't deny it's usefullness over the years... just not to me.

Flowers are things we like to see.

l spent an idle hour hanging this silver ball on Monday, it's been part of an old fountain and is made of steel. it only has holes through it (no hook) so it was my dilemma how to hang it, without it eventually coming down. In the end l plaited some leather and threaded it through and tied it onto one of the beams. When hubby got home so pleased was l with my efforts, l had to show him, he just rolled his eyes and said "that looks a bit crazy doesn't it." That means he loves it haha!!

Enjoy the rest of your week.


  1. Oh how I love reading your blog... first there were tears welling up when I saw the family photos and then smiles and much laughter as I went along reading your words. You are so funny.
    I love how you've mixed the contemporary with the vintage.. the hankies, the french teatowels, tablecloths and ofcourse the aprons (especially the one you created) - so gorgeous. Lovely pics to see just in time for mothers day. Thankyou so much for sharing your lovely treasures and your witty sense of humour... happy mother's day to you sis. x

  2. Happy mothers day to you! Thankyou for sharing your ideas,wish I little ones again!

  3. Hi Bron, thanks for the BD wishes for Ind :)

    Lovely mothers day gift ideas, I think we are just going to have a nice lunch this year.

    The ball looks lovely, hehehe, had to laugh at hubbies comment. I would get the same.

    Enjoy your mothers day :) Tam x

  4. Phew! I just got done wrapping my mom's presents -- a glass cloche to build her own indoor terrarium, a delicious smelling soap called Midnight in the Garden, and two of her favorite French magazines. Maybe someday I am meant to be a mother because I thought your ideas of handkerchiefs and aprons was brilliant. Those are two of my favorite things in the world. It was also neat to see your black and white photos.