Monday, July 11, 2016

Projects and Prayer Cards.

It must be SO lovely up there in the Northern Hemispere.... soaking up warm Summer days, long evenings, beaches and BBQ's.....Things are a little different HERE, but this morning wasn't quite as freezing as it HAS been, so l figured l'd get out for a mountain bike ride.(mountains definitely NOT included:-) l was exhausted before l even got going just layering up enough to keep warm, and l was wishing l'd just made a cuppa and had a lie down instead...haha..
 Hubby's having a few weeks off at the moment so l'm all out of routine, or at least that's what l'm telling myself, (more likely a wee bit slack:-)....He has the telly on during the day (to watch the Tour De France) and that combined with the roaring fire he keeps going.....well what can you do??:-) 

Found these pink tapered candles on my travels and used them for a mini makeover l had in mind.
There were only three paper angels in the packet so l photocopied another couple to make for each candle. lt was easy as, to cut out and sticky tape an angel and a vintage flower bouquet to each one.
The little brown cardboard box came from Mum's and in it were a heap of old prayer cards...l picked out the prettiest to show here.
I've always loved the antique fabric boxes l see in mags and on some of the blogs l visit, so when l came across this plain box yesterday, l decided to have a go at covering it.The hardest part was choosing the right fabric for the look l was after..... this was the closest l had, and it was used inside out, as it looked more faded and vintagey. Spray adhesive was used to attach the fabric to the cardboard.  

l was crushed to get a letter from Harris Publications (who publish The Romantic Country magazine) to say they've gone into favourite mag is NO more.....
Just as well it only takes an hour or so to get to Lily Pond.....'cos there they sell the Jeanne D'Arc Living magazine. l took a trip there last week and since they were all so lovely (and l comfort read).... l bought three issues:-)

Wishing everyone the best of weeks....thanks so much for stopping in here and also for your lovely comments and kind words...

Hugs and Hugs,



  1. Your candle creations are absolutely beautiful!!! How talented and creative you are! That is a bummer about the magazine, Fifi posted about it right after they closed down and was very upset, understandably so:( I don't buy magazines often these days but that was always one I splurged on.

    It's always funny to think you're all having your winter down there while we're having our summer up here...altho Florida is in a permanent state of summer so winter passes us right by. Good for you for hopping on your bicycle! I need to get on mine once in a while, poor neglected thing.

    Gah, men and their sports! Kyran flicks from one sports show to the next all weekend but oh well, I get plenty of chic t.v. time during the week:) It's always a treat seeing your beautiful home Bron...hugs!

  2. are so creative and talented! The makeover of the candles is fairy. I love your candles with the paper angels. Your tablescape and tablecloth are such romantic...absolutely charming!

  3. Dear Bron,

    Your pictures are like a fairy so lovely and so so beautiful!
    Your table is that bleu...wauw amazing!
    And you angel candles are so sweet and romantic...
    I enjoy your blog very much...thank you to share all your dreams with us...

    Wishing you a lovely week...kisssss MarijkeXXX

  4. You are one creative lady...Such a romantic tablescape...and love the prayer cars. I love to do a sleep over...but it might need to be a loooonnng one since you live so far.

  5. Those candle embellishments are just gorgeous! Your table is romantic and elegant. I would take winter right now! It is so hot and humid here and so unlike our summers. I want to be cold and bundle up by the fire!

  6. You would never know it was cold there by your photos. Your house looks so summer like! Just beautiful!!

  7. Oh my, what a beautiful feast for the eyes! Your photos took my breath away....everywhere I looked there was pure loveliness :) I agree with Cinderlla Moments and that we wouldn't know it's cold there by your warm and pretty photos.

    Hugs to you!

  8. GOODNESS what impeccable beauty here! The blues, whites and a little bit of pink are LUSH and fabulous.Thank you kindly for coming to visit my blog post and yes, that antique blue and white plate....I found that and had to just photograph it as is....there is something about blue that is so revitalizing!

    I wish you a continued beautiful winter in Australia, and continued joy in creating such happiness! HUGS!

  9. Bron, your photos are so beautiful. I love that you surround yourself with such femininity. :)

  10. Hi Bron.....thank you!!!!

    You are very creative and talented !!! I like the tablecloth *g*

    Have a nice day

  11. Hello Bron ! thanks for your visit and kind words ...I love the candles with the angels ... and what a treat to get some copies of JDL mags .....Gail x

  12. Your images are lovely today, Bron. I love the angels on the candle sticks! They dress the already beautiful table perfectly. I have prayer cards from my Catholic school days... some are favorites and keepsakes. I dread the coming winter, but am so enjoying this glorious summer we are having...heat, humidity and all!!! I couldn't ride my bike for out of shape...I would look like a hippo in a tutu with the circus riding down the street. I really need to do something about myself!!! seriously.
    Have a fun weekend!

  13. You are lucky that you have a garden. Beautiful antiques and wonderful dresses.