Saturday, September 6, 2014

Spring At Last.

Spring's sheer bliss to see the world coming alive again after Winter (when pretty much all you see is sticks:-) seems all of nature is bursting and blooming just to impress humankind.

l couldn't wait to bring in fistfuls of flowers, dig out the floral prints, and open up some doors to let air and light in.

It'll be lovely to again pick flowers from the garden....mind you l'm well grateful to be able to buy them throughout the Winter months to add a bit of pretty to a room and lift everyone's spirits.

An explosion of colour.....pretty papery ranunculus.

The placemats were simply torn to size from a length of need to sew anything,  just keeping it simple:-)

The Old Curiosity Shop is open only one weekend a year in Spring and these photos were taken last year. Mosaic work on the house began in 1855 by James and Caroline Warwick. It took 40 years for the work to be completed and was first opened to the public in 1895.

The Warwicks' are the only owners to have ever lived in the house, it's heritage listed and doesn't exactly have too many modern conveniences, so the current owner built a home at the rear of the property where she continues working on the home and garden in her free time.

This is a section of the hand built stone front fence, James would pay the neighbourhood children money to bring him their broken dolls to inset into the cement. 

This is a photograph of the Warwicks outside their home in 1900..... State Library of Victoria.
What's so amazing is the range of things they mosaicked with..... broken ceramics, tiles, shells, marbles, mirrors and heaps more....they broke all the rules and it just looks fantastic. 
Hope you enjoy the weekend coming up and thanks so much for popping in here.

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  1. Una tavola meravigliosa... le tue immagini fanno sognare!!!

  2. Wow, that is amazing!!! I imagine it's even more mind blowing to see in person. The broken dolls really freaked my husband out lol:)

  3. Beautiful! So many gorgeous linens and lace in one photo! That house is incredible - who would have dreamt such a thing?! Hope you are having a marvellous weekend!

  4. Hi Bron! What a lovely pictures! Flowers are wonderful:) I really love your cups...gorgeous! Have a fantastic week! Ala

  5. Everything looks so beautiful Bron.
    Your blog has brightened my day.
    The Ranunculus are a dream.
    x michelle