Thursday, February 13, 2014

Happy Valentines Day.

Loves and Passions.

To be with someone special on valentines day is a beautiful thing and something worth aspiring to....however l don't believe romance, love and passion are feelings limited to all those loved up couples .....after all, in the real world not everyone's fortunate enough to even MEET their "soul mate" let alone marry them and live "happily ever after"....yet most of us have something in our lives we're totally passionate about.

Whether it's a job we love, the call of adventure,  family, or our pets .... each and every one of us desires and NEEDS a passion that gets us out of bed each morning.... one that inspires and energises.....and this LOVE is found inside all of us, and doesn't need to be sought externally....and when we SHARE this love freely and willingly, we cement our sense of place and belonging in the world.
....and this love drives each of us forward, whether it be by creating a loving and nurturing home for ourselves and our family.... a haven to retreat to, from a sometimes harsh and demanding world, where we can feel comforted in a space that's authentically and uniquely our own. 

.....or maybe it's a garden that brings us joy.....where pruning, planting and watering are not considered effort, because we simply delight in the results and live in anticipation of each passing season.
 Or maybe it's art and the expression of colour and form that motivates and inspires.   
But whatever that passion may be, matters not.........all things done with love is what makes our world such a fascinating, interesting and inspiring place to be.   
Gorgeous romantic frothy frock found here  via pinterest.
So simple and so true.  found here.
Beautiful romantic bedlinens. bellanottelinens 
Love may be perfect, but people certainly aren't....revealing letter written by Jacqui Kennedy.
(Same link as small things).

Wishing you all a wonderful, magical and love filled Valentines day.....doing whatever works for you :-)
Til next time,



  1. Such a beautifully written post Bron.
    Michelle x

  2. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!! Your photos are lovely!

  3. Happy Valentine day to u too dear Bron!!! Enjoy !!!