Friday, September 20, 2013

Top Tips for Vintage Shopping.

Recently Laura from A Dream Away had a competition on her blog to win a Jack throw and guess who the lucky winner was ....yep, it was me.... It arrived the other day and was the inspiration for this weeks' post. Laura not only sent the lovely throw she made, but also some beautiful sweet smelling lavender bags in dainty florals and a pair of pierced metal hearts....all of which you'll be able to see in the pics:-))
Thanks so much Laura!!

l set up a corner of the family room. The lamp was "dressed" in a new skirt to match. On the chair is an apron l found at the opshop last week.....Frills and hand dyed lace...SO my thing haha!!
Made by Aussie company. missrosesisterviolet.

Remember last week l was going to write some tips on vintage shopping and didn't, well l finally got there.... TA DA!!

1. Know what you love, which prob'ly sounds like a no brainer,  but for years l brought home lots of stuff that l only half liked cos it was cheap or sort of useful, only to be throwing it out months later 'cos l couldn't stand the clutter. To help you decide check out magazines of interest, pinterest and blogs. Really analyse what elements most appeal to you. Make up a moodboard and pin only what you LOVE.  That way when you go shopping, you won't be confused or coerced into buying what doesn't TRULY resonate with you. Styles and trends change but you'll find yourself looking and loving the same type of thing over and over again.

2. Know what you need... This might be a physical list, say on your phone, or may be just a mental list. Of course not everything you're after will be sitting waiting for you (though it DOES sometimes happen:-)) but it really helps to guide and prioritise as to where you'll begin looking and on WHAT you'll spend your cash, especially if both time and money are limited. 
3. Go vintage hunting often.... The people scoring the best stuff are the ones that are putting themselves in a target rich environment most often, and that means popping in to your favourite online auction site, opshop, or weekly market whenever you get the chance. It only takes a short amount of time to have a browse, especially when you get to "know"your regular haunts, that way if there IS a bargain to be had...... you may be in just the right place at the exact right time. Going often also helps us hone our skills, allowing you to SEE what the inexperienced may not.
4. Be selective.... When buying large core pieces of furniture for your home, it's better to take your time, as these are things that we tend to keep for longer. To buy high quality at a great price can take time so l guess it means being patient as well. l spent more than 12 months searching for "carved" dining table chairs, but eventually found some at the market at a price l was prepared to pay. l've also been looking for a dressing table for over 2 years however the EXACT style l'm after STILL hasn't come up... back to waiting, waiting :-)) 
And lastly 5. Recognise potential....Sometimes we come across furniture or accessories that people are giving (or almost) away. If it's a style you love but not the colour, fabric or finish, these are the bargains to think about creatively. Here we can let loose and experiment.... try out new paint effects, upholstery, mosaics or maybe turn them into something else altogether.....if it doesn't work out it's no big deal.
Found a couple of South American religious candles and an empty liquor bottle at the Salvos, bit of a strange mix l guess, but l liked the look of them all together.
Found another old enamel brooch, pretty pansies.  

Funky frou......... alicya-arteego. via pinterest.
Pretty romantic.....fabulousfifi.

 l  hope the vintage shopping tips help, they're prop'ly most useful for those of you just getting into the vintage warned though, vintage shopping is highly ADDICTIVE:-))

Thanks so much for stopping in here, wishing you all an awesome weekend coming up...l'm working so no market on Sunday....Waah!!

Til next time,



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    1. Thanks so much for your visit and lovely comment Bella.

  2. Today your house is AMAZING!!!!!!Love all your things ♥

    1. Thanks Michaela, l'm so happy you enjoyed it. Big hugs to you too.

  3. Wonderful advice! I've made some of those mistakes too - buying things because they were inexpensive and readily available instead of being patient and waiting for the perfect treasures. Live and learn! Your photos are beautiful as always! Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Yes it's often tempting to bring something home when it's such a bargain, though you know in your heart it's still not quite right....l just hope the dream dressing table comes up soon, lm worried l'll die of old age before l FIND it...haha. Hope you have a lovely week too Jennelise.

  4. Bron I really enjoyed reading your vintage tips.
    The lamps new skirt is gorgeous.
    I love all the pretty mix of colours against the throw's
    dark background in pic 3 & 7.
    Thankyou for sharing.
    x michelle

    1. Thanks so much for your visit and lovely comment Shel. l'm really happy you enjoyed the colours and like the lamps' new skirt :-))

  5. It is so addictive indeed ... 27 years ago at the age of 19 I bought a suitcase full of old linen and lace at a car boot sale and I haven't stopped since! M x

    1. Oh entire suitcase of linens and lace that'd be like a dream find for me too, no wonder you're a fellow vintage addict. For me it was a set of ruby glass bohemian tumblers with gold etching. l still have them, they're forever keeps:-)) Hope you have a great time at the market on the weekend.

  6. Beautiful photographs, love the lamp!!!

    1. Thanks so much Vicky and glad you enjoyed my lamps new outfit...hehe.

  7. Wot a very lovely post bron! So pleased u like the throw, it looks really lovely in your home! Your other finds are gorgeous too, and great tips! I am addicted to treasure hunting... It's just so addictive but I just hate those days when you go out and find nothing! But like u said... Frequent hunting is the way to go! In fact I might go and checkout gumtree now, a lady I know who sells vintage stuff always lists her new items on Thursday! Hope you've been having a wonderful week! Hugs to u xxxxxx

  8. So happy you stopped by Laura. lt's great that you've got to see your gorgeous throw in action so to speak.
    l love gumtree too, so many bargains and all in Oz, no hassles to buy anything is it. Have a great weekend, hope the weathers warm and sunny for you:-))

  9. I believe it's really necessary to know these tips. When you go to an antique fair or mall, you should go with a decided mind. You should firmly know what to prioritize because all the good stuff you'd find can get overwhelming. It's not good to be swayed unless if you have a lot of cash in hand. :) Lorita@D & M Estate Buyers