Saturday, August 31, 2013

Spring In My Step.


SPRING tomorrow and l'm breaking out in a happy dance:-))

The flower worship continues.....Mum and l went for a bit of a stroll along the creek near her house and found these lovely blooms in both pale and mid pink. l risked life and limb to scale the odd fence to reach them, haha... but SO worth it.
 Blossoms are typically Spring aren't they.... them and magnolias....oh and probably lilacs:-))
Hope you enjoy having a peek at my vintage enamelled jewells....all flowers (now there's a surprise:-). l think they're mostly czechoslavakian and from the 30's.
Couldn't wait to see how these (peaceful)  hearts would look in pale florals and faded beachy colours for a bit of Spring/Summer decorating.........l hung them with some of my beach themed artwork.

.......and l have a wee collection of vintage porcelain jewellery as well...English. A bit chippy...but meh..


Pretty Spring decorating....applepiechiclife. via pinterest. 

Don't you just love these barn doors that can be (half) opened to the outside. rachelashwell. via pinterest.

Couldn't resist....just one more.....last one l promise :-))

Wishing you all an awesome weekend...thanks so much for popping in and to my newest followers as well.... thank you so much.

Also wishing all the Dads out there a very happy Fathers' Day for tomorrow....l hope you lassies  enjoy celebrating the special men in your lives.

Til next time.




  1. Много много красиво! Обичам сърцата талисмани. И розовите клонки са великолепни.
    Поздрави и хубав уикенд и на теб Брон.

  2. Gorgeous pictures!!Have a nice day!!

  3. Beautiful post - full of amazing colours, love your flowers! And RA´s barn is my big dream. I want to have the same :) Have a great sunny days!

  4. Gorgeous photos! Those flowers are incredible! Definitely worth the climb :) I especially love the photos of your enamel jewelry collection - very pretty. Thankyou for sharing and for dropping by my blog to leave your lovely comment. I hope you're having a lovely weekend!

  5. Bron your jewelery is so beautiful! I love all of them:)Your photos are full of energy and I like watching them. Fantastic! Have a nice rest of weekend! Ala

  6. Bron, The beautiful spring blossoms & their coloured vases are a delight.
    I love seeing more of your peaceful hearts &
    The vintage jewells look amazing.
    Happy Spring!
    x michelle

  7. Oh, how I've missed your luscious colors and collections!! Your jewelry collections are to die for!! And, I'm chuckling at your describing how you risked your safety to scale a fence for the beautiful blooms!! Delightfully entertaining, Bron, not too mention I share your passion!! As always, love your paintings!! I can't believe you will be experiencing Spring. We are headed into Fall. xoxo

  8. Hi Bron !
    Wowza !!!! What a romantic and colorful feast for the eyes my dear !!!!! Love your paintings and dreamcatchers so much !!!!! Such a talented lady you are !!!!! Hope your having a lovely springtime.
    Have a lovely weekend !

    ~ Steph