Monday, June 24, 2013

Wishing For Spring.

It's been a busy week here....and absolutely FREEZING, but at least those frosty mornings have given way to sunshiny afternoons.
l set up in the warmest, cosiest room of the house which is our north facing bedroom, to take a few pics.

 l've had to tinker with the photos....despite the bit of sunshine, it's still dark Wintry days.
A beautiful new book to enjoy by the fire....hey a girl's gotta have some fun:-))
French Atmospheres from Jean D'Arc Living. Very pale, vintage and Scandy chic.

You may have thought this floral fabric was a doona cover but as you can see it's really just a great length of fabric l found yonks ago... spread out across the bed.
It's prob'ly 50's and l've never known just quite what to do with it, but since it's so pretty, here's a chance for it to shine:-))

Pic from French Atmospheres.

Well the shortest day of the year is behind us and now the days will slowly start to stretch out, l've been busy in the garden over the weekend, making the most of the dry days... roses were pruned and the perennials cut back....The last of the garden beds finally got it's box hedging border. Lots of the scruffy, half dead bushes were pulled up and replaced, so hopefully in Spring l'll be able to share some half decent  results....we'll see :-))

Another lovely image from French Atmospheres. 
Is there a woman anywhere who doesn't love peony roses....although peonies were planted in my garden years ago, l'm still yet to see a flower... but hey maybe THIS year;-)) and in the meantime l'll just have to buy them....These came from a charity fair last Summer.  
More splattering.......another florally canvas. 
Lovely florally bedlinen from Romantic Country magazine, via pinterest. 
Hope you all have a wonderful week. Stay warm (or Cool if it's Summer)..haha...  Thanks so much for popping in here.
Til next time,


  1. Наистина красиво и уютно местенце си си създала Брон. Обичам завивката на розите.
    Поздрави и хубава нова седмица от мен.

    1. Thanks so much for your much appreciated comment Nelly, have a lovely weekend.

  2. Bron, your styling and photography is sooo wonderful.
    I love pic 2 with the 'foggy' edges, (alot like our mornings of late!)
    Your florally canvas is especially gorgeous.
    Happy shortest days of the year.
    x michelle

    1. Thanks for saying such lovely things and glad you enjoyed the post:-)) One month of Winter already over...yaaay!!

  3. Hey Bron, hope you are too chilly down your way. Not too bad here, only 2 days with frozen pipes :) Your lovely room would make winter quite bearable, the fabric is soo pretty. I'm off to source the French Atmosphere book for myself! Hoe you are all well, Tam x

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by Tam, Yeh it's been freezing of a morning but the afternoons have been lovely...frozen pipes...ahh l remember them, no water for month of Winter over Tam:-))you'll enjoy the book if you do decide to buy it, it's lovely.