Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mums The Word


As some of you may have guessed l've been visiting my daughter. It's great being able to see her more often...of course l'm well grateful for phone calls but they just don't quite cut it.
 l even enjoyed the (very) long drive to Adelaide and back....if it weren't for all the annoying roadworks along the way l might even be tempted to sign up for a truck license...haha!!

l hope you'll forgive me this's not my best work, however stuff's coming down around here that l can't control and have no say in and that's making the world a bit shaky, so bloggings' been a bit of a struggle, however l really wanted to wish you wonderful ladies a fantastic Mothers Day.... Tomorrow let's have some fun and clink a glass to celebrate all our hard work.

l'm sure most of us enjoy recieving handmade gifts as they're usually tailor made specially to our taste and style. With that in mind l hoped you might enjoy this idea for Mothers Day.(Though l've left my run a bit late haven't l).
Vintage paper patterns were simply photocopied onto A4 paper, then cut, folded and pasted into envelopes. l figured the envelopes would be perfect to pop a card into, and l also made some notepaper you could use to p'raps write a note to your Mum. To to make the notepaper l reduced the image to 25% and photocopied this onto the top of the notepaper to make a " header."  

The inspiration came from the envelopes below, but for me these 1950's dress patterns were right for my Mum as she was a young woman in the 50's and loves sewing and clothes.

lve had this pic in my inspiration folder forever and can only remember that it came from pinterest...oops.

Found this lovely sewing basket recently and thought it perfect for storing my old millinary flowers.

My daughter made this pretty tulle bag. There's an inner tulle pocket and an outer gathered layer of tulle . Wool lazy daisies were added for detail, then both the layers were gathered and sewn onto lucite handles.
Pots of colour and roses..... what's a Mother's Day without flowers..

This is the inside of the sewing basket, gorgeous hot pink fabric, still in great nick. 
With one of my favouritest things:-))..... handmade doll by Linda Caroll. 

Crochet detail on waffle weave towels. Vintage petite point brush and mirror set.
Shabby roses, carnival glass and crystal.
Found this lovely image from Rachel Ashwell's instagram site. 
Thanks so much for stopping by,
Til next time.


  1. Hey Bron, Gorgeous post. I love your envelope ideas, they are fab! Wishing you and your mum a fantastic mothers day tomorrow. xx Tam

  2. Your new post is beautiful!!!!!!!Love your fairy home and the roses is perfect!!!
    Have a nice weekend!

  3. Gosh! .... Bron this mother's Day post is really gorgeous. The sewing envelopes are amazing & so very perfect.
    I really love the tuille bag - what a delightful colour.
    I also really love how you've styled & photographed your new dresser.
    Happy Mother's Day x

  4. Hi Bron!! Sorry I am just getting over to wish you a Happy Mother's Day! I am so happy you get to be with your daughter! Being with our children is one of the most joyful times for most mothers! I know it is for me, and, as well, for you. So, I completely understand that you would rather be with your child than to sit and blog!!

    Your envelope idea is FABULOUS!!! I love the old pattern envelopes. I remember sewing from these, too!! To this day, seeing an old pattern brings back sweet childhood memories. I think my mother would've loved receiving a note just as this!!

    I am crushing over your sewing basket, hot pink insides, and floral exterior and all!!!! As always, you find some of the BEST goodies!!!


  5. Those dressing making patterns bring back happy memories!