Thursday, January 17, 2013

Splattered - Drippy Fun.

l've been wildly splashing the paint around this last week or so..... as the pressure's on, it's almost time to have entries in for our towns' annual artshow. Since it's local it's a cinch to be involved and the money raised is for a good cause with a quarter of the sale price of any painting sold going to charity. For a number of years my canvases have mainly been native plants  (see one here) but they were so painstakingly SLOW to paint that it almost sucked all the fun out of picking up a brush.

l have the beautiful romantic works of Laurence Amelie to thank for inspiring me to make a change. l've always been big on painting flowers, so that bit hasn't changed....but over the last 12 months or so l'm more focussing on colour, and a fresher, less fussy finished piece. l hardly use brushes at all now, preferring instead to paint with my fingers.... lt's pretty messy though, which means covering everything within flinging distance with plastic to avert certain disaster:-))

I'm always surprised when odd little things happen out of the blue.... l was chatting with daughter when she was here about the sheepskin rugs we used to have in our old house (moons ago) and saying how l'd love a couple of white ones for the couch in the lounge room and about 2 days later this is what turned up at the opshop.....only one, but still kinda weird.. huh !!

These delicate lace panels were found at the Sunday market...Apparently Georgian era (1714 - 1830) anyway VERY old and fragile, they'd look lovely framed and l guess that might also help conserve them.... Also plastic 50's era necklace which was broken when l bought it, but was easy to fix. The segments remind me of snowflakes.

Also found this pretty florentine tray, totally shabby and in a pretty shade of blue....also one Japanese candlestick which was covered in grime and candlewax which prob'ly explains the one dollar price....believe it or not l enjoyed getting it all clean...

Six vintage postcards....The one on the left has a swastika emblem inside an upside down horseshoe...Something l didn't know (til l googled it yesterday:-)) was that pre war days (early 1900's) the swastika was used as a good luck symbol.
If you'd like to read some more. here

One of Laurence Amelie's awesome artworks.

This  pretty vintage room is from Australian Country Style magazine...via pinterest.

Oxygenart. via pinterest...well worth a look, so many gorgeous pics.

Have a fantastic week everyone.....
Many thanks for popping in, my daughter loved the fuss made about her handmade flowers..l didn't get to see her face but l bet it looked as happy as a seagull with a chip:-)).

Til next time,




  1. Hi Bron! Just stopping by to catch up! Miss your gorgeous vignettes when a week (or two) goes by and I haven't had a dose of "beauty" from your blog! Love this painting!!!! love love love it!! Happy New Year!!!

    1. lovely of you to stop by and for your lovely encouraging words. Hope all is going well with your renovations...l think of you often when going through my sidebar to see who's posted recently...stay well.

  2. Здравей Брон, картината ти е зашеметяваща! Страхотна е и стои много добре на изтъркания шкаф.
    Поздрави и приятна вечер от мен.

  3. Hi Bron,
    your new treasures it's perfcet-all!!!!!!!!
    And the first picture- that you painted it? 's perfect - I love it!♥♥♥ Vicky

    1. Hi Michaela...glad you like the painting..hope your weekends going great:-))

  4. Bron your painting is so beautiful looks so perfect with the
    chippy dresser and paintbrushes. How awesome that you
    hardly use a brush these day ... what freedom!
    I also love, love, love the sheepskin rug and the vintage postcards.
    Looks like you've had a great week at the oppy'
    I also love your styling and photographs ... you just get better and better.
    x michelle

  5. Such a lovely comment...thanks Shel...yeh the sheepskin was the one thing l really loved and a couple of those postcards date to 1916, almost fair dinkum antiques:-)) Thanks so much for stopping by.

  6. Your Art is so Free and Beautiful... Finger Painting and flinging Colors at a Canvas, oh what Fun! And if my Results looked nearly as Enchanting as yours I'd probably die with a Paintbrush in my hand or Paint on my fingers! *Winks* Your Photography as always is Awesome and so Inspiring... Images #1 and #4 are my absolute Favs!

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  7. BTW: The Op Shop Sheepskin in White is not so weird because I've found the Laws of Attraction work for me every time as well! Your thoughts and the desires of your Heart were just Manifested.

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  8. Hi! I just love!!!!! your painting I so need one! I'am going to have to try painting one your pics are great!! love everything!!! xoxo casualcomfort..:)