Thursday, November 15, 2012

New - Old and Useful.

Firstly, thanks so much for your kind words and thoughts for Mum and guys are AMAZING....they were so very much appreciated and l really believe in the healing power of such positivity...she's been doing a little crocheting and hand sewing...a bit slower with her dodgy hand and eye, but still ABLE too...the doctors say she'll make a full recovery:-))

I've been working on a few projects and hope to share a series of them with you in the coming weeks, l really hope they're ideas you can use or be inspired by for gifts and/or decoration now that Christmas is less than six weeks away....YIKES!!

Spring is fantastic on so many levels, and one of those is SPRING FAIRS which is where l bought this very old medical book....written in the late 1800's, a MASSIVE tome of more than a thousand pages....resplendent with pop ups of the human anatomy and loads of illustrations....not to mention LOTS of now totally obsolete medical "facts"...haha!!
There's NO WAY l'm gonna read all that..... but it WAS the inspiration for this weeks project.

These bookmarks have been made with girls in mind but could certainly be made blokey for the guys in your life....Lengths of vintage ribbon have been sewn to form a loop (3 of them) and decorated with other ribbons, shoe buckles, buttons and brooches. It makes it easier if the "top" ribbons are sewn on first before joining the "loop". The long central bookmark is made from a torn strip of linen overlayed with a torn strip of velvet....l liked the idea of attaching a watch at the end so you can see how long you've been reading;-)) The cross attached at the top end and the V shaped moulding were painted to match...(as was the aqua moulding). Hopefully the photos show enough information as l'm not too good at explaining all the steps without it turning it into a mega long  (prob'ly boring) instruction manual:-))

Found some vintage prettys to was love at first sight for these Frenchy style prints. (bought many years ago). There's also a large matching one that's hung central to them. l painted (and distressed) the frames, they used to be a (yuck) yellow. 

Bits and bobs.... and Spring roses.  

Keyring (with keys) necklace.... an opshop find for $2.50, S/ never ceases to surprise and amaze me what people give away. 

 A teensy pink glass collection.
A little Christmas spirit happening...rachelashwell. via pinterest.
Hope your week and weekend's great wherever you are and whatever you're up to.
Til next time.


  1. Много красиво и романтично! Харесва ми как си декорирала старата медицинска книга, истински бижута.
    Прегръдки и хубав ден от мен.

    1. Thanks so much Nelly...lovely of you to stop by.

  2. So happy for your mother.
    Love your bookmarks, so good idea and so beautiful.
    thank you for nice inspiration.
    xoxo from PARIS in the sun to-day.

    1. Thanks so much Joelle and lts great that you liked the bookmarks... how lovely to be in Paris in sunshine....still chilly here today.

  3. Bron pic 1 is so beautiful with all the pink and white prettiness.
    Enjoyed seeing and reading about the bookmarks too.
    Your spring rosses are gorgeous
    x michelle

    1. Thanks so much Shel, lm really happy you enjoyed the white and pink pic...and yeh the garden's fantastic at the moment as l'm sure yours is as well...wish it would warm up a little though:-))

  4. Hi Bron. So happy to have read that your mother is on a full road to recovery. Thank God.

    Love the bookmarks! And, all the gorgeous roses and bits of goodies displayed all about! So lovely!!! xo

    1. So lovely you could stop by Shelly...and thankyou yeh Mum is almost back to her old self and is able to drive again today....we won't see her for dust haha!! l'm really glad you liked the bookmarks, l didn't realise it at the time but they look a bit like war medal ribbons don't you know our daughter's in the defence force so l can blame her influence hey:-))

  5. Oh my Bron~ Such sheer delightfulness! LOve your book marks , they're DIVINE! You are so talented, and very inspirational! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and give your mum all my best.
    Hugs~ Steph

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely and kind comments Steph and l'll pass on your beautiful thoughts to Mum.