Thursday, November 29, 2012

Catching Up.

It's that time of the year when l try and catch up with friends before the holidays begin and everyone's bustling around (including me) trying to start/finish their Christmas shopping and no longer have time for a cuppa and chat.
l think this is a first for me....showing food in a blogpost:-)) l'm SO not a cook but l did manage to ice these (bought) muffins...l made it really solid so it'd survive the 15 second warming in the microwave...naughty l know but hey it's legal:-))

We didn't even crack open the lemonade....l'd love to tell you instead we sat around drinking champagne and cocktails, but no....just lots of herbal teas....bit sad really...haha!!!
The little floral dish and the handpainted glasses came from last Sundays' market the 3 for $4.00.
 The plastic cutlery (pic above) is made that little bit special and festive with the gold fleck through it.

We did however enjoy flicking through some books and mags....granny chic is full of pretty vintage inspiration. 


The lace parasol was found in the childrens dress up basket at the opshop......

and although looked like a GIRLS parasol.... l unpicked the bottom ruffle, then gathered a double layer of tulle and glued it round the edge and covered the gathering seam with a daisy braid. Lace was added to hide the plastic knob at the top and ribbons tied on. l'm thinking of dyeing it "ashes of roses"a (greyish mauve pink)....another little project (on the backburner for now:-))

l really loved this little shell purse, even though it was minus it's chain handle....l used part of a pearl necklace to make a new one. Can't fit your mobile phone in it.... just a hanky and lippy:-)) 

Hoped you might like this idea to sew a teatowel or two for someone.....all you need is some linen fabric and lace, l found this amongst my stash... l love how it has birds printed on it...It was cut the same size as one of my old teatowels, l then sewed the edges and to one end l added the vintage lace....Voila!! 

Rachel Ashwells gorgeous summer brolly....umla.tumblr. via pinterest.

Well l'm off to find somewhere to cool down....the temperature's heading for a sizzling 37 degrees today which is about 100 (farenheit).....and still a couple of days yet til Summer.

Hope you all have a wonderful rest of your week and weekend coming up....thanks so much for stopping by.

Til next time,



  1. Hi Bron
    Your pictures are lovely I really enjoy your blog

    1. Thanks Judy for your lovely comment.Hope you're week's been great so far.

  2. The floral dish is very eye catching bron and I love what
    you have done with parasol.
    What truly lovely catch-up theme, with pretty florals china,
    lovely books and endless cups of tea!
    X michelle

    1. Thanks Shel, lovely of you to stop by...yeh it's great to have a chance to relax for a minute before the madness of Chrissie isn't it.

  3. The umbrella is beautiful -so subtle as from dreams!!!!!!! Vicky