Monday, May 19, 2014

Flowers, Frocks and Hats.

My Mums house is a joy to visit anytime.....every nook and cranny is filled with interesting, colourful, collectible and handmade items. l just can't help doing the old head swivel in every direction each time l visit...but last week l hit the jackpot as she'd decided in the interest of helping me stock my stall we should go through the massive cane basket that's sat on top of a cupboard for more than 30 years....she's added to this collection if anything "special" caught her eye. 
 Mum and l both have a big love of vintage clothing which is what the basket mostly contained.
l tried to stay classy as we inspected all the bags, but it was HARD l tell ya....haha..
One of the real treasures we found is the dress l've shown above....the tag reveals it as a designer piece made in Melbourne... probably as a wedding dress in the 60's.
We also found old shawls, boho peasant skirts and dresses, beaded cardi's, evening gowns my Mum used to wear dancing and cutwork lace bali dresses almost everyone wore back in the late 70's.

Not everything was saleable or reusable but hopefully the opshop will be glad of the sudden boost to their racks and Mum says she's glad to have the whole lot gone, as she was over it all sitting there for so long..... now that's what l call a win win for everyone.
    As anyone who has a permanent collectible stall, or does markets regularly knows.... it's a real effort to maintain quality items and knowing what to invest in isn't always easy....then pricing those items for resale is also a tricksy business.... if you sell your stuff (too?) cheap it'll be picked by all the other "dealers" around you and they'll take those items and put them on their stall for 3 or 4 times the price and let's face it, they're well within their rights to use their knowledge and experience to their advantage. l'm just starting to realise how little l know....l'm hoping l can learn fast enough to make it this game.


A little head piece l created by starching some hat base fabric which was dried to shape. The hydrangea flowers were made by handpainting and starching a lightweight fabric. After it was dry l cut out hydrangea flower shapes and pierced them in the centre to allow for a stamen, the flowers were then randomly glued onto the base. l didn't make enough hydrangeas to fully cover the piece so l glued on dark pink daisy flowers to fill in the spaces.
It was Mothers' day here on Sunday but since Mum had chemotherapy the week before she wasn't up to celebrating on the day, (though thankfully she's doing very well overall), so Tuesday, which was also my Birthday, us girls were all able to finally get together and enjoy a meal out, pressies were exchanged and spirits were high....we're all just happy and grateful to still be here...with and for each other:-)
l found some pretty paper and guillotined a slice to wrap around this candle..
Beautiful..........marymcshane. via pinterest.
Thanks so much for reading and for popping in here. Enjoy your week.
Til next time,


  1. Would love to go shopping among these treasures! Love all the linen and lace.

  2. Beautiful treasures! I understand what you mean. I have troubles choosing what to sell in my shop. Sometimes I will come across something and think "This is wonderful! It will sell for sure!" and then it doesn't and the piece I wasn't so certain about goes right away. :) I am learning though and that is half the fun! It sounds like you had a lovely day with the "girls". Take care!

  3. Beautiful treaseres dear,wish you wonderful new week !!!!! xoxo

  4. Sweet. Very, very special - as I'm sure the time spent with your mother & sisters was, too...

  5. So glad your mum is responding well to her treatment.
    The 60s dress is beautiful as is absolutely everything else in your pics. How I would love to have had a rummage through that basket of goodies ... swoon!!
    Belated Happy Birthday to you!
    M x

  6. Oh my goodness, all those goodies! You're definitely your mother's daughter:) I would have a very hard time pricing things myself, I'd probably blow it and go too low. You could search items on Etsy or Ebay and see how they're priced, to give you a general idea maybe? Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. P.S. Happy belated Birthday!!!

  8. Bron, Pic 1 is so Amazing!.... like something out of a magazine.
    I love your styling, your colour combinations and you have
    captured the light perfectly.
    x michelle

  9. Adoro le tue immagini... mi fanno sognare!!

  10. Looked at the post again and saw lots of little things that my baby girls could one day play dress up with. I guess I need to start collecting.

  11. All lovely finds from your mother! LOVE the dress (wedding dress)! And, I love that you offered the advice on selling too high or too low. I too am aware that if I sell an item low, dealers will quickly purchase for their own gain. I have learned to decide whether I want to turn an item quickly and make a certain amount of money, or sit on an item with the expectation of making a larger amount of money and perhaps having to adjust the price the longer it sits. It's a gamble. Great post, Bron. xo