Wednesday, November 3, 2010


My name is Bron, and for about 12 months now l have been hooked on reading other peoples blogs and just thought it would be so much fun if l could do this myself, so I went to a blogging hour at my local computer learning centre a few days ago.
 Anyway it all looked so easy when the guy was showing me and clicking buttons madly, but l have to tell you, it took me forever to even get into the account when l got home, so here l am two days later trying to post my first blog and l'm not even sure that this is going to work, but l will persevere.
My hope with this blog is probably similar to everyone else who starts a blog, and that is to share to things in my life that are special to me, in the hope that other like minded people will enjoy it as well.
The emphasis of which at the moment will be vintage finds and art works, but like most of our journeys through life these things may be subject to change, evolving as they do over time. Having said that, l have always loved vintage finds, art and the beautiful, interesting things that capture my attention, so at least in part, this theme will probably remain.
Hope you enjoy my posts .
Sincerely Bron.

This frock was one l found many years ago and always wanted to wear but never had the confidence (or more truthfully the grace to pull it off), so instead of selling it on ebay, l decided to hang it on my bedroom wall.(much to my husbands delight.........not) but anyway its been part of the decor for a while now, maybe its time for a change. The bag you see is covered in pale pink diamentes and if it had been a sunny day when l took the photo this might have shown up, but hopefully you can still see them.

When l took this photo l really thought it wouldn't look nice because of the black poodles being a bit overpowering  for  all the pale pastel china however, when l put it on the computer l felt it really worked. Hope you agree. The poodles are Japanese and probably late 50's. Though they remind me of the French poodles that are often advertised.The coffee mugs hanging, are modern.

Well l have been trying to put a couple more photos on this blog but if there is a way l don't know what it is. (l suspect all the photos may have to be loaded at the same time). so hope you'll forgive me and hopefully l can iron out a few of these problems before my next post.

The images used on this page are my own. You may use these images however please attribute and link.

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  1. Hi Bron,
    Your first blog post is awesome! - I've already had a good laugh and looked at gorgeous vintage eye candy - what more could a girl want. I'll definately be back!