Monday, May 30, 2016

Winter Is Coming.

At the risk of sounding like an episode of Game Of Thrones:-).....Winter officially begins here tomorrow and the days are now short and brisk, the fallen leaves have finished driving us crazy in the garden for another year and though we're not quite into it's full chilly grip's COMING, so l've been happy doing most things INSIDE lately, in the WARM, over the phone.....and l've been on the phone a LOT, especially to my daughter who lives interstate as she and her partner have just signed on their first home.
They're THAT excited and we're hugely happy for them, though we're wishing we lived closer so we could help them shift all their gear and also with a few projects they have planned for the house. We'll fly up and visit some time after they move in and TRY and make ourselves useful in the time we have there:-)
Then our son has decided to SELL his house now he's also moved interstate, and l've been organising a few things so l can make that happen, since he's just not able too. Of course Mum's house is also on the market so l'm starting to feel a bit like a fledgling property developer:-)

l LOVE finding the time to make a big MESS so l can take some pretty photos, hubby came home early the other day to find me shifting cupboards and side tables and all the stuff IN them and ON them so l could take these pics....He's used to it by now and just shakes his head and tells me l've LOST it....hmmm maybe:-) anyway, this post l wanted to share the coat rack l found recently....BROWN originally, but of course it got the white paint treatment:-) It was a PAIN taking out and putting back the millions (felt like it:-) of screws (manual screwdriver) holding the hooks on, but l knew it'd be easier and make for a better finish in the long run.

l haven't actually ATTACHED the rack to the brick wall....l put picture hooks in the back and used wire to hang it, exactly like you would a painting, so it can be moved around the house at whim, and it's still solid and stable enough to hang most things from.

This is (half) a close up of the bottle that was once Mum's.....she found it at our local Sunday market, it was one of her most PRIZED finds....  Thanks to Sis and my brother for allowing it to come home and do it's dazzling here....

Sometimes you arrive at a garage sale and you're thinking....why even bother getting out of the car, there's not one interesting thing, there'll be nothing amongst that shit stuff....but OUT you get anyway, cos maybe.... just MAYBE, there'll be hidden it was amongst dusty office furniture, air conditioning pipes and other such dross that l spotted a half opened suitcase, and poking out of that suitcase were plastic bags, and inside those plastic bags l found a wee bit of TREASURE....including the sequinned lace above, (so fragile l don't even know if it can be used) Victorian lace gloves and collar, beaded crochet work, gloves from the 50's and trims of gold, silver and GLAD l got out!!

l'm about to sell off most of my hat collection so took some photos just in case l one day have hat regret:-)

Hope you all have the best week ever whatever you're up to, and that the sun is shining wherever you are and topping up the old vitamin D stores after your long Winter....haha...thanks so much for stopping by and for your lovely comments.




  1. I love all the items in your photos!!! I think it is a great idea to take photos before donating or selling pieces. Thank you so much for sharing! :)

  2. Hay,

    I love your style and pictures so so much!
    That big bottle is amazing!

    Love and hugsXXXX

  3. What a lovely post Bron! I think you did a fabulous job with your hanger! I've been on the lookout for one also for my ever growing RA tote collection:) The sequined fabric is gorgeous, even if it is too fragile to use it's perfect just to display. That's a good idea to take pics of your hats before selling them...I have SO many things I need to get rid of but can't be bothered to sell so I'll probably just drop them off at the thrift store!

    We went to a big flea market last weekend and I found a table for $10, I'm going to paint it later on today. I'll have to remember to take some pics before I do and hopefully get motivated to do a blog post this week!

    Sending you warm Florida sunshine my friend!!!

  4. Hello,
    your pictures are so lovely. I love these colours.
    Have a nice week.
    Lovely greeetings,

  5. I love this post Bron ... especially your writing
    and Mum would be so proud of how you have
    included her mosaic bottle.
    The Blues and pink colours styled together in pic 5 look gorgeous.
    x Michelle

  6. Your photos are so pretty! I love all the pink and your wee treasures. :)

    It's hard for me to imagine that winter is coming for you because summer is coming for us.

    1. So glad you shared this beauty at Thoughts of Home on Thursday! :)

  7. Love the pictures .A lot of movemend and echanging for you .....

  8. Oh I am assuming you are in Australia? I am always amazed how we can connect with others whose experiences are so different from ours at the moment...enjoy your winter as I enjoy my summer; your photos are lush and dreamy, for I love anything white and vintagy! Thank you so much for your visit and kind words! Anita

  9. I'm always enchanted to see your romantic things. So many beautiful items. Your hat collection is fairy. Great idea to take pics before selling the hats. The mosaic bottle is gorgeous. Your mother was a great artist.Summer is coming in Italy...

  10. Sometimes when I come here to visit, it feels like I'm walking into a gypsy wagon....I LOVE the way you decorate!! The colorful bottle of your Mom's is remarkable!!! It fits in with all of your decor perfectly! The sequins is very lovely. Seriously...I am inspired by your shabby, whimsical, beautiful style, Bron. I'm so glad Victoria led me to your blog.
    Have a super weekend!

  11. I am absolutely in love with your blog Bron!!! Thank you for leaving your lovely comment on my last post so I could find you. So beautiful!

  12. It's so funny to hear that winter is on its way to you as we are just starting to thaw out! I hope you have many cozy days ahead in your pretty home! :)

  13. You should be styling magazine shoots. Your photos are professional for sure. Everything is always placed perfectly to make an exquisite composition. Well done!
    We finally have a week of hot sun here in Texas. It's been raining and raining for weeks!
    Have fun with all your real estate duties!

  14. Your blog is beautiful, so many nice things and inspiration.