Tuesday, February 23, 2016

A New Normal.

Well it's been a busy few weeks around here, but l feel like l'm starting to come to some kind of new "normal" and although life is different now.....l'm finding most days it's not terrible. l've made a conscious effort to change up my routine especially in the morning when l miss Mum the most, since pretty much every morning for the past 25-ish years, Mum and l would talk on the phone at 7.00am.....even if l was working early, or away l'd still ring her. So ingrained is it, that since she's been gone l sometimes dream just before l wake up that the phone's ringing....so to stop myself thinking about it l've been walking or riding my bike instead, thankfully the weather's still beautiful and just being out in the fresh air and seeing the sunrise each day makes me feel grateful instead of miserable.
Along with my Sister and Brother we've begun cleaning out Mums house and meet up once or twice a week to sort, save and throw....that part isn't easy,  but we all get along well, and sharing our memories over a cup of tea helps us deal with these things that HAVE to be done.
As l mentioned in my last post l've been wanting to do a few more creative things as well and the lampshades in my bedroom have been annoying me for ages, all the fabric had come loose so they were begging for an update...hope you like seeing how they turned out:-)

An old chiffon shirt and tulle scarf were found tucked away in my fabric cupboard. l sat down with no particular plan except that l didn't want to cover all the sections totally in fabric. The shirt was quite small so fabric was limited. l tore a lot of it into strips to cover the wire frames. l also created little "window panes" from the shirt fabric and glued them on to the frame to use as a base to add tulle, fabric and millinery flowers. It was a fun project to do and it's nice to have a change.

This is how it looks attached to the cut glass lamp l bought from Target a couple of years ago.

You can just see hubby's in place on the far side of the bed....

Found the lovely bedspread at a garage sale, probly 50-60's era has white fringing all round and is in beautiful nick.....l think l'm going to sell this Roxy bag but l love it so much. Never used and still has it's tag...a whole $5.00 bucks... SNAP:-)

When l figure out how to do it, l'm going to attach these candle holders to my dressing table mirror.

Found this lovely old bit of tole at the market as well.

Thanks so much for your lovely comments last post regarding Mum's passing, it means so much to me....l hope you're having a beautiful, uplifting week.

Til next time,



  1. A beautifully heartfelt written post Bron.
    Your lampshades are absolutely Divine.
    x Michelle

  2. I'm so sorry for your loss. I hope that things become easier for you and that over time your memories will become a source of happiness instead of sadness. Your home is such a beautiful place. You're in my prayers.
    Jennelise xo

  3. I've been thinking of you sweet Bron and wondering how you were coping. Walking or riding your bike is such a good, positive way to change up your routine! I'm sure going through your mom's things is so difficult but it sounds like you and your siblings are making the best of it.

    Your lampshades are stunning!!! You did an amazing job on those:) Love that little bag too and your bedspread was a fantastic find. I really should go to more yard sales around here!

    Sending you hugs my friend!

  4. Happy to hear your heart is mending, Bron. It's a process. Good thing to have siblings that understand your plight.
    The lampshades are darling! I LOVE how they turned out!! Great job!
    I have a farm cupboard very much like the white one in your last photo, and it's filled with vintage floral dishes! How fun is that??!! You have good taste..lol.
    Have a nice week.

  5. Somglad things are becoming a little bit more normal for you. Although things will never be quite the same again it will get easier. The lampshades look sompretty as, of course, do all your photos, as always. M x