Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Coming Home.

Wasn't it only yesterday when l said my daughter would be home in 6 weeks (for Christmas)....well that's this Friday..... l fluffed around in the spare bedroom and prettied it up for her,

....and thought hmmm...maybe l'll take some pics.....course l won't leave all the roses laying around on the pillows....not so comfy haha....It's all rather girlie but hopefully she'll just be happy to have somewhere to lay her head :-))

l bought this framed cross for son which l thought might go nicely with the medieval-ish theme he's got going on at his place, but he just looked at it and said no Mum....just nuh!!
I figured l could do SOMETHING with it, so l stripped the cross from the backing board and removed the glass from the frame....a couple of coats of dry brushed torquoise paint, and a little decorating on the cross and this is the result....Oh yeh and l hung a necklace behind the frame also.


It forms part of the new wall display in the spare room.
The feathered wreath was very simple to make...all you need is a wreath and a bag of feathers. l glued these on completely randomly til it was fully covered. Hung a bell in the centre and a merry christmas sign underneath. A fabric bow which l also glued on, holds it on to a hook. 
 The once plain glass bottle (holding the rose) was coated all over on the inside with pearly white nail polish which  produced this pale opaque sheen. Found another vintage butterfly brooch for my collection.

This lovely embroidered sheet came from the opshop ($10.00)....out of it's old packaging it came..... into good use on the spare bed.


Lots of lace and flowers. 

A new "old plaster Mary" (with child) to add to the collection....both have been beheaded and reheaded at some stage....which just adds to their character and charm:-)) 
l'm hoping that when daughter's here she'll add her create touch to a couple of posts.....anyway l've mentioned it to her and she didn't say we'll see.
Thanks so much for dropping by and leaving your lovely comments at this busy, busy time of the year..... Have a fantastic week, til next time.


  1. So so lovely and dreamy bed room ! I love also your Mary. I collect the French china ones of the turning century...
    xoxo from PARIS

    1. Thanks so much for your lovely comment would be lovely to see your French Mary collection sometime:-))Hope your week's going great.

  2. Beautiful post-LOVE!Beautiful florentine tray and Madonna!!!!!
    Have a nice day!!! Vicky

    1. So glad you've enjoyed the pics Michaela...thanks, you have a nice day as well:-))

  3. I have that same Venetian Style Table Mirror! What an Inviting and Relaxing Boudoir you have Created for your Daughter's Visit! And those Roses... OMG, I don't believe I've ever seen markings like that, so perfect they look surreal and I can only Imagine the Divine Fragrance! Your Religious Art is Beautiful too and I agree, the Imperfections add Character and Charm to them.

    Merry Christmas from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

    1. Oh that's interesting Dawn that you have the same table mirror, they're lovely aren't they...daughter thinks the room is pretty but that there were a LOT of pillows to throw off before she could get into bed, haha!! Yeh l'd never seen that colour pattern on roses before either, though there have been lots of the pink and white at Aldi's...interestingly they have NO scent whatsoever but that's ok cos l'm prone to hayfever anyway:-)) Hope youre having a wonderful week Dawn thanks for popping in.


  4. Oh that's a beautiful bedroom, very relaxing, lovely pictures as always Bron

  5. Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving your lovely comment Judy. Hope you're enjoying your week.

  6. Your spare bedroom looks so lovely Bron.
    Your new wall display is fabulous - I especially love
    the newly painted turquoise frame.
    Your feathered wreath looks absolutely gorgeous! You
    are so clever.
    Wishing you a wonderful week.

  7. l'm so glad you liked the colour of the frame's amazing what a difference paint can make isn't it, and the wreath was so simple to do and a lot of fun....just the cleaning up was a pain..haha!!

  8. Bron, loved your post and your creative lovelies! Gorgeous post!
    Happy Holidays and the best to you and your family!

  9. Thanks so much Karen for your lovely words.....wishing you and your family a wonderful festive season.

  10. Love those amazing coloured roses - they are almost too beautiful to be real!

  11. Thanks so much Melissah...came from Aldi's, they often have an amazing selection of flowers especially if you can get there early in the morning.