Saturday, February 11, 2012

Love Sweet Love.

l'm lovin' how Valentines day is a great excuse to indulge my delight for all things girlie and romantic. Those of you that pop in often know l don't need MUCH of a push to do that :-).....l hope you enjoy this romance inspired post, lts great to spread some feelgood vibes around... not only JUST for our romantic crushes and partners, but for ALL the things we're passionate about in our lives...

Many years ago at the market l bought a bag of amazing lace offcuts that the dealer told me came from a bridal couturier in Melbourne. It was filled with lace tulle, beaded lace, French lace and other unidentifiable fabrics.....though much of it has been used, l managed to find a couple of pieces lurking in the cupboard.
The flowers are pelargoniums.

l think most people enjoy fresh flowers in the house and often l'll buy them, but rarely buy roses 'cos they have such a long flowering season that there's nearly always some in bloom in the garden..... but these pretty frilly edged roses were irresistible....l cut them off a little each time l changed the water until they were so short l had to find these teeny vases to put them in.

Vintage petticoat and tulle skirt with old flower adorned hat from back in the day (50's) when it took HOURS to get ready to party.....and that was just to get the UNDERWEAR on, (all this with the hair in curlers of course)... haha!!

More roses....but of the porcelain variety.

Strands of wicker have been wrapped around a wire heart shaped frame. It's hung with torn vintage floral fabric.

Anodised Kissin' Cousins pendant....BIG back in the 70's.

Gorgeous prom frocks from, via pinterest. Love how they've been used for this bridal party.

Have yourselves a wonderful LOVE filled day won't via pinterest.

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  1. What a gorgeous romantic post bron. I love all the tuille, the lace with the soft girlie colours, feathers and jewellery. Pic 2 is amazing with the beautiful roses and glassware with the backdrop of tuille.
    Thankyou for sharing.

  2. Hi Bron, what a gorgeous post! I hope your valentines day is just as romantic!

    The bridemaids dresses are beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

    Hope you have a relaxing Sunday, Tam x

  3. Hi Bron! Love the indulgence as always! I, like you, let Valentine's Day be an excuse to over-indulge my girly romantic side! I absolutely love the porcelain roses!!!! Have a beautiful Valentine's Day! xo

  4. I love your style-so beautiful!!!