Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bookcase Makeover.

You may remember a while ago l went shopping for a dressing table which was a complete flop, except for the chance discovery of this bookcase.l didn't buy it right away cos it was pretty ugly and so very 70's and brown, but l kept thinking about it over the following couple of days as it also had kinda nice curvy mouldings and nice proportions. At $80.00 and a bit of paint it didn't seem like too much to lose. Strangely my son thought the brown was great (go figure) and hubby wanted to chop it up for the wood heater....GUYS!!!!

It took FOUR coats of paint to cover all the brown completely and is done in two different shades. The pale colour is Dulux antique lace which is a very pale mauve/grey, and my old fave....weathered wood. The shelves came separately and had to be attached, so they didn't get into the before pic.It also came with another shelf but thought it might close the space in too much, so l left it out.

 The backboard on the cabinet has been painted in the darker shade of weathered wood as are the recessed parts of the doors and top moulding.

All the moulded pieces have been done in the light shade, this way just highlighting the 3D effect. l've also not been too fussy about painting every nook and cranny, in order to preserve some of the dark wood. This not only adds interest but lets a little of it's history show through.

Now comes the fun bit of spramping it up.
It could be used to store pretty much anything but for the purpose of the pics l've added a quilt, cushions and floral scarf to the lower shelves,

and to the upper shelving l've placed books, one of my paintings (lilac) and some purple pansies for a splash of colour.

A closeup of the lower shelves. The cushions are both vintage and new.. ish.

This is a pic of the entire thing all set up.........

Just wanted to share a couple of pics l found at angelatmytable.com 
Wall scone and candlesticks.

Hope you've enjoyed this post, l had a great ol' time putting it together.

Til next time,


  1. Hi Bron, man hey? Love the makeover, and more over the lovely display on it. It fits perfectly in the corner.

    Aren't they the loveliest candlesticks etc you have ever seen?? Love 'em.

    Hope you have a great week, Tam x

  2. What incredible foresight you have for upcycling Bron. Again the transformation 'out of this world' and the attention to detail impeccable. The colours are brilliant and it now looks like a very expensiive french dresser. Thankyou for sharing your wonderful artistry with us.

  3. Bron, it's fantastically, marvelously beautiful. I am astounded and inspired. I want to do this! Honestly, I couldn't even see the details when it was brown -- and I would not have realized the potential had I seen it in the store. Your idea to do the different shades was a great one. It feels very French, also Victorian. Simply lovely.

  4. Bron, this post is more than fabulous! In my terms it's fabu'LUSH'! Oh my gosh, you transformed the book case into an incredibly beautiful piece! I am marveling at your talent to bring this piece to it's full beauty and splendor! And, seriously the sconce and candlesticks are a "real score" of a find! I'm jealous (in a good way)!

  5. Thanks for the lovely comments gals, l'm totally chuffed by them and only hope l can get out the door with my swollen fat head....
    Tam...yeh they sure are the loveliest ever.....have a great rest of your week also.
    Shel...Thanks for putting me onto the antique lace colour...it's so pretty.
    Kate. So glad to inspire you, hope you can find something similar to practise on. Don't forget to take pics if you do. We'd all LOVE to see/share.
    Shelly. FabuLUSH. GREAT word, thanks a bunch..