Saturday, May 30, 2015

A Day To Create.

Last week l actually organised myself so l could spend an ENTIRE day CREATING, which is something l just DON'T do....usually l procrastinate any precious free hours away, telling myself oh l'll make that when l DO THIS....or l'll start (or finish) that LATER.... You know how it works, always putting things off for ANOTHER time, which hardly EVER comes..for me l think it's totally a GUILT thing, believing l should be doing absolutely everything else that "NEEDS" to be done before l let myself sit down and actually ENJOY myself....haha!!...l wonder if any of you guys feel like that.....anyhoo l hope you have fun checking out what l got up to on my free day:-)

  Although l DIDN'T make this 60's lace cushion l couldn't resist bringing it home from the opshop especially since it cost a measly $3.00:-)

So the tulle on the right is one of the projects l started on my free day.... you can see what l did with it a bit further on in the post.
A few dressing table pretties bathed in sunlight. 
My creative Mum overcame a rip in this bag by decoupaging over cute is it!!!
So this is the painting l started on the day and finished a few days later...Titled, Lulu in white string bikini. (Nothing like and not s'posed to be).... but a bit inspired by...Jorunn Mulen  

l need a FEW more creative days so l can finish these blank-ish canvasses....okay make that a LOT......cos they're not the only ones...hehe!! 
This is the tulle project finished...a letter B.... 
That's a lot of lace on that cushion.....all sewn on in a perfect circle...amazing!! 
So you there you have it....wouldn't say l got loads done but it was such a fun day l'm definitely gonna try and make it happen MORE often....AFTER l hang the washing, pop to the supermarket....hehe!!
Here's hoping you all have a warm and sunny Saturday, thanks so much for stopping by.

Til next time




  1. What a beautiful blog! A creating-day happens seldom, but I know what you mean about wasting the few precious free hours with "planning". That lace cushion is a great find!

    1. Thanks so much're so right about creating - days being rare, it's just so hard to block out an entire day of the week isn't it....l'm trying hard to utilise my free time better, evening hours especially l could make much better use off.

  2. Wow, you're such a talented artist!!! I think it sounds lovely to be able to paint, I'd love to stand behind an easel and work some magic but sadly, I'm not blessed in that area:( Gorgeous prom dress and for such a great price too!

    I have to be organized before I do other things also, it's just my nature! We just got back from an 8 day trip to see family in California and it made me realize I'm sort of a neat freak. When I see how relaxed others are in their homes I think "holy heck, I'm so OCD". I can't even have a piece of mail sitting out on the counter!

    1. Aww thanks for your lovely encouraging words about my painting Victoria.....l loved seeing your holiday pics and how fabulous it would have been catching up with your sons, and l can imagine how relaxed they'd be in all that sunshiny weather:-) Your home is always a beautiful feast for the eyes, one of the benefits of having a bit of OCD haha!!!

  3. Beautiful projects! Your painting is beautiful and I love your "B"!! I only ever accomplish something creatively when I set aside a whole day for it. :)
    Jennelise xo

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment's interesting that you set aside days to create, it does seem to help with the creative flow doesn't it, and when the flow happens, there's time to actually DO it.