Saturday, March 28, 2015

Painted Rose Banners.

I love how life works out know, those little synchronicities. Well yesterday l was at the hospital with Mum and we were reading some Country Style magazines in the waiting room when one article in particular caught my interest.The shop featured was called The Crafty Squirrel and l was showing it to l read down l realised the shop was in OUR town, but neither of us had ever seen or heard of it....There was no time to google it since Mum was called away right then, but as l was taking her home l accidently took a wrong turn. Driving along l saw a sign on the side of the road and when l looked up l bet you can guess what the shop's name was....yep...The Crafty Squirrel, isn't that was also OPEN so in we went for a peek and it was even better in real life:-)

Thought l'd share with you guys a few pics of the banners l've been working on. l hung them here on my dresser for the pics so l could put pretty things all around them:-) but of course they won't stay here..hehe...The roses were painted onto canvas which was then sewn onto overdyed linen or hessian. The edges of the canvas were painted to resemble a French Aubusson fabric with the curlicues. The Art Nouveau writing was painted in gold to match....l wanted to turn my art into banners because they're less serious and can be hung pretty much anywhere.
This is a close up of a similar pink one....pretty but not too fussy. Keeping it simple:-)
The cups were bought at the market for only $5.00 but were stained inside and the glaze had crackled, but a little trick l learned once was to fill the cups up with bleach and let them sit for thirty minutes or so and all the stains and crackling just disappeared like magic....yay!!
A close up of the blue one.

Pretty rose wreath found in a bag of wedding accessories.

After 20 years of brown l still can't believe how great it is to have a white kitchen.

Wishing you all a super happy sunny weekend whatever you're up to,

Catch you soon,



  1. Wow, it was meant to be for you to discover that shop! Looks like a lovely place. I never knew the trick about bleach, I'll have to try that with some of my very cracked pieces. Love your white kitchen, it's my dream to have that also someday!

    I put a blog post up yesterday...finally! Please stop by when you have time:) Have a lovely weekend!

  2. Beautiful!! Your banners are lovely! You are so creative - I love the pastel colours. :)

  3. Your banners are gorgeous. I love the way you paint your roses. All your cups are beautiful. You have incredible style.

  4. Bron your Rose Banners are unbelievable ...
    they are so fantastic.
    You are so incredibly creatively gifted.
    x Michelle

  5. Wow, such Divine Coincidence as finding that Shop via Serendipity made me tingle! And your Banners and other Eye Candy, well, what can I say, it's a breath of Spring Fresh Air to my Soul! Happy Spring... and a Blessed Easter... Dawn... The Bohemian

  6. Bellissimo!!
    Happy Easter!!!