Sunday, October 5, 2014

Screening The Stall

 l really didn't need another of these screens, since l already have one.....however it was bought cheap at auction and now that it's been painted it'll head out to my stall at the Mill to be sold..... l can't believe l've already had my stall for six months now, and l must say.... it's been interesting for sure.

Some of the people in our complex do really well dealing....l may not be one of them YET but l'm learning every single day.
 l now question every purchase....basing my decision on cost versus sale price and not so much whether l love it, but whether someone else might....also people like quirky and often weirds me out what people will pay money for.
Remember when l first started out, l thought l should only sell what l love, and while that's true to an extent... People love ALL kinds of different things, so a bit of lateral thinking is warranted when buying.
 There's around 70-80 stallholders in our complex which is both good and bad... bad 'cos there's SO much competition and SO much to see, but good 'cos some of the more experienced dealers will often pass on awesome tips about where to find good buys and might also share insider knowledge about their specialist fields, which can be useful info when buying the unfamiliar. It's also good 'cos we get lots of people through (including tourists) simply because the venue is so large and well known.
 My stall has moved since l began, to another (smaller) location....l find this area much easier to maintain and the light is excellent which is another thing I've come to realise is hugely important....mind you that fact had never even hit my radar until l swapped sites. 
Something that really helped sales was to add a glass cabinet for bits that are fragile/small/more expensive. It's completely frameless and well proportioned for the space. Anything too large with heavy wooden framework can be off putting and when there's so many stalls to visit any little thing may deter people from even entering yours.   
 l've also painted absolutely every piece of furniture white to reflect the maximum amount of light, it makes for a cohesive stall and l think it makes all the saleable goodies stand out. It's also good to have a clear pathway in and out...... if it looks like an obstacle course....again, people just move on.
These (Italian) capodimonte "canisters" were bought at my very first auction....they were in a box as part of a job lot....l would sell them, but l think the damage would deter anyone buying them... but hey l don't mind a bit of damage and enjoy seeing them on my kitchen dresser:-) 

l now have three seascape paintings....l think that's officially a new collection isn't it:-)  
Also l'm loving these ships in a bottle and hope to add a few more when l come across them.

Gorgeous room inspiration.... aldovega. via pinterest

If you're thinking of opening your own little shop in an antique centre maybe this post will be of help:-).....l hope you're having a fantastic weekend so far. Thanks so much for dropping in for a peek....

Til next time.



  1. Bron, I always enjoy hearing about your stall,
    I can't believe it's been 6 months!
    I love your new header too.
    The screen is really lovely and so are all
    your pretty flower paintings in pic 3.
    Michelle x

  2. Those cups are absolutely beautiful!!! Your screen is so lovely...the prints are lovely...everything is gorgeous! I love your sea paintings, I'm on the hunt for some for our guest room. I may have to hunt down a ship in a bottle too!

  3. Your blog is so beautiful! I am so glad to have found it. So inspiring and the colours are wonderful.