Thursday, October 18, 2012

Seasons and Changes.

Well it's been a busy week here and a little bit Mum had to make the tough decision to put her precious old dog to sleep...Things are constantly changing aren't they, usually it's so slowly we barely notice, but then an event will happen that marks a place in time and the end of an era. with change it's great if we remember to record a few things....even if it's just the little things.     l eagerly wait for my cherry tree (Japanese weeping) to flower each Spring....checking almost daily to see if there's a bud open, then l know it's not long 'til she looks like THIS.... Sunday the sun shone so l hung out some old japanese paper lanterns.....l DID hang other colours but this picture was my favourite even though there's only pink ones showing.

Found this Laura Ashley doona cover at the opshop recently, smothered in magnolias and such pretty colours.....just $3.00 WITH matching pillowcases....but that's it, l'm not looking at linens ANYMORE...enuffs enuff.. haha!!.

Droopy roses, but still kinda pretty...Part of my vintage frock collection.... Pale blue and white.

Old mirrors are always on my to buy list....l've always felt this one was a bit OTT to hang.... but as it happens.... useful for these photos:-))

Another opshop find....necklace made of beads, chains and all kinds of crosses.

A couple of weekends ago we visited a fantastic Botanical art display at the art gallery of ballarat featuring Australian plants by Australian artists from first settlement, until present day.
If you're into plants and paintings it's well worth a look if you're in the area.
After my visit to the art gallery, l was all inspired and pulled out the water colours...l had great fun painting a couple of colour cards and a hibiscus branch.... photographed with botanical pages from an old diary.

l hope you all have a great rest of your week and a happy weekend coming up.
Thanks for your much appreciated visits and kind words.

Til next time,




  1. It must be a very sad time for your mum. Please pass on our thoughts to her.

    The blossoms are just gorgeous, its been a little crazy here, not too much seem to be happening in the garden and very soon it will be summer!

    Hope you enjoy your weekend Bron...hope its relaxing and full of treasured finds :) Tam x

    1. Hi Tam....l passed on your kind thoughts to Mum and she said to say thanks so much that's really nice....Hope you enjoy a lovely weekend too..can't believe it's almost Summer!!

  2. Great buy with the Laura Ashley! You have so many beautiful things - they all look lovely together. I love love love the cherry blossom with the pink lanterns.
    Beth x

    1. Thanks so much Beth...happy you enjoyed looking at the cherry blossom...she certainly IS putting on a show this year:-))

  3. Hi friend!!
    Beutiful photos-your bedroom is sweet and the mirror is perfect!!!Have a nice day!!! Vicky

    1. It's great you enjoyed the bedroom pics Michaela...have a fantastic weekend.

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    1. Thanks so much for stopping by Deanne and for your lovely comment.

  5. Your weeping cherry pics are lovely bron and its so nice that you made time to stop and enjoy it as spring flowering time is often fleeting. The lanterns look perfect! Your doona cover was quite a find & the roses with the petals fallen onto the mirror is so romantic. The background of vintage dresses is so pretty!
    Your botanical pic with the colour cards really caught my eye - I absolutely love it!

  6. Thanks Shel...yeh it's nice to enjoy each season isn't it, and the different things they have to offer...the garden always seems to reflect these changes perfectly. l'm so happy you enjoyed my little botanical experiment. The colour cards were especially fun.

  7. Loving your Botanical Art and Color Card Image... it is Inspiring me since I plan to utilize some Vintage Botanical prints in my new Showroom at the Antique Mall I'm getting ready to open soon. Color cards will be Fun and look good with them... great Idea, I'm totally stealing... um, I mean borrowing it! *Winks*

    So sorry to hear of your Mum's loss... our Fur Babies become such a Special part of the Family that it is always tough to lose one. I always say I'll never get another after one passes... but then another Stray shows up on the doorstep and I 'cave'... every Cat we've ever owned had "Adopted" us by showing up and never leaving. *Smiles* Our Oldest Cat, Rat Boy, aged 20 passed last year and it was very hard for me, that's a long time to Love and then Lose... I was firm about "no more"... well, until Yul showed up... a Stray Siamese that was tenacious about hanging around and not being run off for months... 'til I finally 'Caved' and let him into the Family. He's more like a Dog than a Cat actually in his behavior and the G-Kids Love that he responds to voice commands like a Dog, whereas the Bohemian Cat Boys Morris & Rusty are typical Cats and totally indifferent to anything we say! *Smiles* May your Mum's Loss be tempered by all the fond Memories of her Beloved Fur Baby!

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  8. Thanks so much for your lovely comment and l'm totally rapt if my blog has inspired you....please steal away haha!! Thanks also for the kind words for Mum, she has had dogs her entire life...but says Fergus was the last, but just this morning she was telling me she missed him over the weekend so l'm not so sure of her conviction;-)) Fancy "rat boy" living til he was 20...what an enormous age he lived too, and yeh l can see how you'd miss him...l'm also amazed at how many pets have "found" you. We have never had a stray ANYTHING here.

  9. Wow your watercolor is amazing!! You could easily sell those! Such a lovely blog you have.