Sunday, November 8, 2015

A Few Pics To Share.

The Robinia tree in our backyard has flowers very similar to wisteria but are pink instead of mauve.
They also smell amazing.....l brought some inside and plonked them on the underside of the crates in the sideboard and took a few pics to share with you.

Bits from a necklace l'm (slowly) making.
l had a go at macramé which l haven't done since l was at school... many, (ok MANY) moons ago....l used tulle cut into strips which was tricksier than you'd think to use. Anyway it turned out ok l guess, the vintage decorations improved the overall look of it l think. 
 Not too much writing today but hope you enjoy the post just the same:-) Have a wonderful rest of your weekend.

Til next time.




  1. I've never heard of a Robinia tree but the flowers are identical to Wisteria except for color. Here in the states wisteria comes in lavender and white. I haven't macrame in years either and its funny I was looking at a pattern today. In my first apartment I made a macrame to hang my side table from. The tulle looks lovely.

  2. Bron, the Robinia flowers look lovely on the sideboard.
    The necklace colours look fantastic and the macrame &
    decorations look wonderful. Also the metal crown.

    x Michelle

  3. Your pictures are so well composed, as if the colors were happy, you choose them.
    Beautiful these Robinias in the sideboard, wich´s unique patina brings exactly that flavor into it not to be too sweet.
    Lovely to be here, happy greetings from Méa

  4. Your flowers look lovely! And oh my goodness, that chair!!! Is it vintage? It's to die for! I'm really loving the macrame comeback that's going and think your tulle version is wonderful! Perfect for the holiday season:) Your sideboard is really lovelyalso, it took me a while when you mentioned "crates" because they blend in so perfectly that they look like they're built in...but after focusing I do see that they're slid in! So lovely:)

    Thank you so much for stopping by my little blog, you always leave such sweet and thoughtful comments...they are greatly appreciated my friend:) Have a wonderful week!

  5. Born more beautiful then the display of the Robinia blooms is the chest you display them in. I am in love with that chest, it has a perfect worn look to its aging a feels like it could move into my home. The tree must look amazing drooping all its beauty in floral pink in your yard, and the pleasure to clip and bring them in to create such a vignette is like visiting a florist here.

    The macrame panel with the Christmas bulbs is really could even add holiday cards woven in or tied to the netting adding such romance and creative colour.
    Thank you dear for taking the time to visit me and my art, my bottles are now completed and in my etsy, they were a creative project I thank you for taking notice of them.

    See you soon and all your share and inspire here I'm the best of shabby chic.


  6. Hello Bron,
    your flowers are so wunderfull! I love your romantik styl! Thank's a lot for your lovely comment!

  7. You have so many gorgeous flowers! Fresh flowers seem somehow so regal! The sideboard is amazing!

  8. Everything is so very beautiful, it makes the heart sing!