Saturday, October 24, 2015

Happy Weekend.

A couple of Saturday's ago l was heading out to the Mill to stock up my stall, it was late in the morning and l was in no hurry, just cruising along in my truck listening to my awesome (crap... says son and hubby) music, when l saw some balloons and a garage sale sign. Well what's the harm in stopping thinks me..... might as well have a peek....and can you believe what l found.......after YEARS of searching.... a pair of Florentine tables. The third one's missing.... but to even find two...Happy day my friends:-) Paid the princely sum of $25.00 for both...What good are they says hubby when they came home, but he was the first one to use one, to eat his fish and chips off in front of the telly, haha....


As you can see they're well shabby....but in the words of KC and the sunshine's.... that's the way a huh a huh....l like it... a huh a huh:-)
 Also found at the market was this 1930's satin boudoir bedspread, a bit of Hollywood style glam, already gone to be really IS so tough getting rid of all the pretties l find....but it's also good knowing someone else will get to enjoy them as well.

l've been digging out all those tapestries I've had stashed away for years and am turning them into cushions....customers seem to like them and it's great to see them re-invented.

l've also been out to my Sister's place......she has oodles of lilac bushes so she loaded me up with blooms on my way out and cut some shabby roses to go with them...... Well that warranted a wee photo shoot didn't it:-)

Did you notice the pink rooster and hen there on the right...... made from strands of plastic woven together, don't know why l love such kitschy stuff....but l was powerless to resist haha!!!

Just wanted to say thanks too for your lovely comments, l loved that you say it's ok to just post pretty pictures without writing too much.....and also for encouraging Mum through her chemotherapy. l passed on the messages to her and she was astounded (and pleased) that people so far away care what happens to her and says thanks so much, any way it must have helped because her pain is much less and she's feeling more positive about the future.

Have an awesome weekend whatever you're up to,

Til next time,



  1. Beautiful finds! I love everything you do :) You take and your Mum take care!
    Jennelise xo

  2. Le tue immagini sono sempre una poesia!!!

  3. Wow, your Florentine tables are perfect!!! They look to be the actual wood ones too and not the plastic-y type (which is all I've been able to find). That's so nice of you to let your hubby have his fish and chips on them, I probably would've said "Nooooooo!" LOL. Your table looks so lovely with all your pretties on it! The flowers are gorgeous too and I love kitschy things also:) They're fun to have and add a little whimsy.

    Hope you're having a wonderful weekend! We're being quite lazy today, hubby's catching up on some good sleep after a long week:)