Thursday, September 29, 2016

Celebration and Some Changes.

Things are changing matter how much l might like them not too.
Mum's house is now under contract so it looks as though that chapter of our lives will be over soon....Something that makes me both glad and sad. There's still a bit to do before it's all finalised, like holding a giant garage sale, and nicking a few cuttings from the garden:-)
Recently l've also been back to visit Bree (daughter) to celebrate her Birthday a couple of weeks ago. She wanted to spend the day in the Hunter Valley wine region which is really beautiful and very popular with wedding parties. As we pulled up outside one of the wineries a bus driver asked (begged) us to swap (vehicles) with him, his mini van full of loud tipsy women must've been doing his head in:-) Anyway we had a lovely time visiting and taste testing the wines and (over) indulging ourselves at a dessert bar high up in the hills, from which were magnificent views.
It was also great to see how the reno's are progressing in their home, another bedroom had been painted and one of the loo's was almost finished, and also the garden's looking a lot less wild and weedy.

Found this fabulous brocade bedspread at the opshop and just HAD to use it for some photo's.

Bree's best friend Nikkita, Bree and l.

The chair Bree bought for $5.00 and wrapped in fabric.

The fantastic 70's quilt we found while opshopping one morning. Looks great on their couch.

Hope you're all having a wonderful and happy week, thanks so much for stopping by.
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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Lovely Spring Has Arrived.

I've already posted a couple of these photos on Instagram, but thought you might like to see a few more from this Spring blossom session....
A couple of recent finds... 1960's lolly tin and Florentine  folding frame.

Not too many words today, but prob'ly not a bad thing... haha!!....wishing you all a lovely rest of your week and thank you so much for stopping in for a visit and also thanks to those of you who've started following me over at IG. 


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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Times They Are A Changing.'s true...l've started posting on  INSTAGRAM.....that said, there's no way l'll be abandoning my blog or my blog buddies, though l might not blog as often....l'm hoping to spend a little more time creating and listing some things in my etsy shop.....l've had an Instagram and etsy site for some time now, but l've been totally resistant to getting either of them up and running....but it's time for CHANGE. Hope you can pop over sometime and see what l'm up to...

Frankly, its a relief to know Spring is just a few days away and we're banking on a bountiful one since we've had soo much rain over Winter....around town l see early ornamental blossoms and camellias blooming and have been now for a few weeks. The magnolias are set to burst, as are the lilacs, and Spring bulbs are in full swing..... so yes our worlds changing and l feel blessed just to see it in all it's loveliness once again.

Came up with the idea to make some angel catchers, (my made up name for them:-) or they could be dream wings...hehe, or they COULD be.... if l'd shaped them a bit for now they're angel catchers:-)...l learnt a lot making this set and l'm in the process of making some more which l'm HOPING will turn out awesome...haha!!

Found the crown pens when l went to visit Bree....The shop was HUGE and sold only Japanese stuff, all the signage was in Japanese and all the packaging had Japanese writing on it, there were no prices on anything which was a little confusing until l got to the register where the girl told me that everything in the store was $2.80....l also bought the hot pink/aqua chocolate box (next above), though you can't see the gold writing it's advertising French chocolates.

Wishing you all a wonderful rest of your week and thanks heaps for popping in for a visit....thanks also for all the lovely and much appreciated comments regarding Bree and Rhys's home...they were really excited to share it with you and we all loved reading your positive and sweet feedback.

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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Bo-Ho Tropical Beach Abode.

l think as a parent most of us enjoy watching our children grow and develop their own unique personalities....each child being different from ourselves in many ways, and expressing their style and taste as only THEY can it was a lot of fun to fly up and be with our daughter Bree and her partner Rhys, to stay with them and see the house they recently purchased and join in all their enthusiastic plans for future renovations.
Their house is close to the beach and in a much warmer climate than ours....not quite sub tropical but ALMOST, so the garden has many plants l recognised by sight but had no clue as to their names....a few l DID were palms, frangipani's and philodendrons.
Being an older home (1940's), there's LOTS to be done, hubby managed to sort out a few of the more pressing drainage problems and we all attacked the garden with gusto...(ok a chainsaw:-).

The oleander outside this window had to go, as they're highly poisonous. Bit of a shame looks so pretty.
Two rooms have been completed so far, the study and the main bedroom, eventually the entire house will be painted white.

This is the study completed.... After a week of sanding, scraping and painting and the replacement of locks and lifters, the windows are now fully functional. The room is divided by central shelving, and another desk sits to the other side of it.

The floor tiles in the sunroom will eventually be painted white but in the meantime Bree and l found this tropical bo-ho fabric at Spotlight and created the floor rug by fusing backing to it and then sewing it all together. Hopefully l have some fringing amongst my stash that l can send up to her which she'll sew onto each end.

This is the master bedroom finished.... the walls and ceiling were painted white....l love her bold choice of doona cover, the skull cushion matches perfectly and was a pressie from her brother. 

She loves her skullies....and rosaries...... (and the odd bloom:-)

This is the dining room....the pottery bust is one Bree made at school, which even then shows signs of the tribal bo-ho look she's into...The head dress is a bit broken, which l guess is unsurprising after travelling with her the last ten years and living in at least ten different locations:-)
The shelving usually houses Bree's multi-coloured glass collection but for now is in boxes until this room's completed.

A  glimpse of her small but functional kitchen...only JUST she says... since they installed a dishwasher:-)

Thought you might like to see the awesome cushion Bree crocheted...apparently learnt the weave stitch from a utube video. Wonder if she'd make me one!!

We took a little time for some R&R, and found ourselves an antique fair.
Loved this antique wedding dome.

Wishing you all a warm and sunshiny rest of your week.....thanks so much for dropping by.

Lotsa Hugs,


Monday, July 25, 2016

Garden and Glam.

l love to get out in the garden, however l tend to be one of those gardeners that does nothing for ages and then every now and again works themselves into a frenzy trying to catch up on all the weeding they SHOULD have been doing all along:-), so it was good news when the council recently gave everyone in our town a large green bin and began a green waste recycling programme. I've been out in the garden.... pruning the roses, cutting back the perennials and trimming and weeding.... FILLING that FLIP TOP up:-)
Although we still had to take a huge load of green waste to the waystation as we've also had violent winds here which completely blew over one of the large trees in our backyard, luckily nothing/no-one was hurt or destroyed except the poor old tree, we've planted another one in it's place but it looks so teeny and bare....

Even though it was only 1degree this morning l gritted my teeth (it stopped them chattering:) and went to the market, even though l was convinced there'd be nothing was rapt to find a couple of lovely vintage inspired frocks. They're the two white/black ones at the front of the rack.

l wonder if you do this too.....when l get Christmas or Birthday money l usually save it until l come across something a bit special.... Last week l found this French jewellery casket at a local antiques cleaned me out, but l loved it and had been after one for ages that wasn't too spendy.
Found this funky boho hangy thing made of coconut shells at a garage sale...l'm SO kicking myself though, because there were two and l left the other one there, as it was missing a couple of bits, however l realise NOW that l really needed the TWO and it's all just a bit TOO late.

Lovely old faded print.

Finally a bit of sunshine....perfect for taking a few pics:-)

Taken from my photo files....See full post here.

Thanks so much for taking the time to pop in here and have a read.....hope you all have a fantastic rest of your week.

Big Hugs.