Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Happy Australia Day*!*!*!*

It's Australia Day here in Oz....Hubby and l are thinking we've made a fair contribution to the national cause since son has joined the defence force and this VERY day has headed off to recruits. Six months of preparations and organisation, finally everything's come together...Since daughter left the military only a few days ago it's only fitting we find them a replacement hahaha!!

Last years Australia Day celebrations on Sydney Harbour. ...Struth how impressive is that....

My old point and shoot camera is on the blink...l've been using the same camera through all my blogging years so it's done an awesome job to last this long..... so all these pics were taken on my iPhone. Hope you enjoy them even though they all look kinda sepia coloured to me.
Found some lovely old floral wallpaper at a garage sale a  few weeks ago and used it to cover my inspiration board.

Dreamcatcher poster also found at a garage sale....and some teeny handmade angel wings.

Wishing you all a wonderful week wherever you might be in the world, thanks so much for stopping by...

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Sunday, January 10, 2016

A New Year Begins.

Happy 2016 everyone.....hopefully your Christmas was all you wished it to be.
l tried to make the day special here since l doubt we'll have another Christmas where the entire family's able to get together. With son and daughter both relocating interstate (different states) and Mum not so well.....not to mention all the nephews growing up and on the cusp of making their own way in the world......anyway it was a beautiful warm day and lunch was delicious despite my 20 year old oven door seal packing up a few days beforehand.....one of the dining room chairs pushed up against the door did double duty as a makeshift seal and gave me a resting place between bursts of prepping and cooking:-) So all worked out ok and l think everyone enjoyed themselves.

The new year's already off to a weird start here.... The other day l was sitting at the dining room table and looked up to see a wallaby ( here) jumping around the backyard.... C'mon Bron, is THAT really weird in Australia you say...well maybe not  if l lived out in the bush, however we live in suburbia, at the end of a long court, and there's no access into our backyard from the road, so that wallaby's travelled quite a few miles and a bit like superman leapt tall buildings in a single bound to end up in our backyard:-)....thankfully he didn't stay long and hopped right back over the neighbours fence and hopefully back up the court from whence he came:-)

A bit of redecorating on the shelf in the bedroom with fresh flowers and the rusty angel wings l found while out and about over Christmas.

New bag for Christmas from daughter which l cheekily picked out for her to give me....Well l was just trying to save her the stress...haha.

Here's a little project l finished a couple of days ago....The lable on this wine bottle l thought was funky and all psychedelic 60's inspired, but l wasn't too keen on the green glass. Instead of painting it (which was my first thought) l was lucky enough to find this tape that to my eyes matched perfectly. l simply cut it up into manageable pieces and stuck them on.
Pulled out the almost antique:-) Deep Purple album, added a few hippie bits and snapped a pic or two.

Hope your weekend's going great so far....thanks for stopping by,

Til next time.