Friday, May 25, 2012

Memory Board.

Life can be sometimes sad.... and this is one of those Sisters' beautiful family is changed forever. 

but with love, support and positivity....l know that together we will face the challenges ahead.

Just sharing some memories.... and whimsical ideas....l've put together.

Favourite pics....our kids, when they were young.

....and artsy shots of them in black and white.....elegant white swans of England.

Handiwork, flowers and ballerinas. horseshoes (for luck) and faded rose bloom.


l love and appreciate you taking the time to stop by.

Til next time.


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Rustic Gold

Did you all have an awesome mama's's hoping weekend went great....of course l ate way too much, but if there's cake, it's there to be eaten isn't it......thanks heaps girlz for your lovely b'day/m'day meant a lot.

l was cashed up after the weekend so bought this sideboard l'd been eying off for a couple of weeks....hubby was impressed :-o)(the scream face) when it was delivered late monday night......and l quote... it looks like you pulled it from a paddock....luckily that's just the look l was after.
Son and l did a bit of a deal.... my bookcase, for his louvre you can see l painted them washy pastels on the backs and the fronts a beachy grey. Now they can swapped and moved around at whim.

Then came the fun part of deciding what to put on it.

The little posy of fushias came from my sons garden..... mum made the paper moth from some sheet music....she's not just  a pretty face:-))

Found  the 50's ballet picture at the oppy, and the feathered fan came from a discount store....$2.50 only.
The glass was found at the market a few years ago and would have been part of a set....water jug and six glasses, circa 1880's

So then l had to hang some whites....

Delicious marshmallow soap.... frenchy hand lotion, hydrangeas.....

and pink cut glass perfume bottle all gifts from my lovely family...spoilt huh!!

Princess pretty prom dresses suchprettythings (well worth a look here if you're into pretty) via pinterest.

Vintage shirts mostly 50's and 60's lined up in my sunny bedroom window.

So glad you took the time to stop by..... have a wonderful rest of your week

Til next time,


Thursday, May 10, 2012

Happy Mama's Day

Whether you're a mother or a daughter...or's wishing YOU ALL a fantastic mothers' day, and l hope you get to spend the entire day doing whatever YOU WANT!!
It's a double celebration for me as l'm also having a birthday....l'm turning a whopping 52 this year and believe it or not, l'm just ecstatic to be my line of work ( healthcare) you get to see over and over, just how precious and fragile life is.... over the weekend l intend to go out with family and kick my heels up a little....albeit FLAT ones. haha!!!

The calistemon shown above is one l painted earlier this year and is pretty typical of the style and type of painting l most often do, but l'm up for trying new ideas and lately l've been inspired by the relaxed, romantic style of laurence-amelie.

This is one of Laurence's beautiful tutu paintings from Rachel Ashwell's website.....she is well known for her flower and tutu paintings and one of them featured on the front cover of R A's most recent book.

So the above pic is what came out my experiment into the abstract......not that l'd want to reproduce laurence's work (as IF l could) but l love the idea of painting with (seemingly) reckless abandon... using colour and movement as the focus instead of trying to make everything look real.
lt was heaps of fun and was finished in an afternoon but geez l made a MESS..... splattering paint around with spoons and toothbrushes... you can just imagine........

Here's my tiny horseshoe which l was admiring on the stall next to me at my last market ....when l asked how much it was the stallowners just looked at me like l was NUTZ.....apparently they're always out gold detecting and dig them up all the time..... so to them, they're useless junk and they kindly gave it to me.....recently it got a  splash of mauve paint. 

l know l'm always showing these linens and laces..... but what can l say....they're so pretty..

Found this week....a funky (prob'ly only to me) vintage plastic necklace....l think it's made from a type of thermoplastic. Also the allover floral vase which may be Italian.

and this pretty butterfly brooch....don't know if it's old or modern...l'd love to know what the wings are made of....any ideas??

This beaded flapper necklace is probly from the 20's l've had it for years and wear it often, though l'm always a bit worried it'll break and spill beads everywhere at the most awkward of times....

This is the very awesome studio of Gina Galvin featured in the magazine wherewomencreate  the pic's from beekeeperscottage via pinterest.

Stunning garden room  suzannespage. also via pinterest.

For those of you who've stopped by....thank you so much....enjoy the rest of your week and weekend.

Til next time,


Thursday, May 3, 2012

Channelling Marie Antionette.

It's been a couple of weeks in the making.... but my Marie Antoinette (inspired) cushion is finished.

 When l bought the job lot of silk panels at the market (pic below) l thought one of them would make a great period centrepiece for the cushion, but at the end of day the ones l liked were too small and/or dark.

So l've had a go at painting a panel myself....l'm sure she looks nothing like the REAL Marie but it's just the idea isn't it. Special paints weren't needed, l watered down the acrylics l already have and painted onto a piece of raw silk, but l'm sure you could use pretty much any fabric. 

Top left. The cushion is made from velvet and joined at the centre with satin ribbon, velvet ribbon was sewn over the ribbon for a pop of colour.(geez does that make ANY sense)
Top Right.  Silk panels in frames.
Bottom left. l carefully cut out the centre of the doyley to allow for the painting to be "framed."
Bottom right. The diamente dress straps l featured here were cut to size and threaded through the lace.

Velvet fabrics were torn into strips and formed to make a rosette. The soft edges l hope give it a more relaxed feel, it was also stuffed with feathers for the same reason. Never mind that the place looked like a Steggles slaughter house and that we were picking feathers off our clothes for a week....haha!! Now l know why they invented polyester.....

 l found a few glam-ish pics from my files that fit the theme.

Vintage costume jewellery.

Roses and feathers and tulle.

Kirsten Dunst as Marie Antoinette.. love this movie... .celebritywonder via pinterest.

and what's a glam post without shoes via pinterest.

Awesome dress and in the background are beautifully embroidered cushions.
 vestidosfiesta via pinterest.

Hope you've enjoyed this post as much as l have putting it together.

Thanks so much for stopping by,

Til next time,