Thursday, September 29, 2016

Celebration and Some Changes.

Things are changing matter how much l might like them not too.
Mum's house is now under contract so it looks as though that chapter of our lives will be over soon....Something that makes me both glad and sad. There's still a bit to do before it's all finalised, like holding a giant garage sale, and nicking a few cuttings from the garden:-)
Recently l've also been back to visit Bree (daughter) to celebrate her Birthday a couple of weeks ago. She wanted to spend the day in the Hunter Valley wine region which is really beautiful and very popular with wedding parties. As we pulled up outside one of the wineries a bus driver asked (begged) us to swap (vehicles) with him, his mini van full of loud tipsy women must've been doing his head in:-) Anyway we had a lovely time visiting and taste testing the wines and (over) indulging ourselves at a dessert bar high up in the hills, from which were magnificent views.
It was also great to see how the reno's are progressing in their home, another bedroom had been painted and one of the loo's was almost finished, and also the garden's looking a lot less wild and weedy.

Found this fabulous brocade bedspread at the opshop and just HAD to use it for some photo's.

Bree's best friend Nikkita, Bree and l.

The chair Bree bought for $5.00 and wrapped in fabric.

The fantastic 70's quilt we found while opshopping one morning. Looks great on their couch.

Hope you're all having a wonderful and happy week, thanks so much for stopping by.
If you get a chance you can also see what l'm up to over on   Instagram




  1. Everything is gorgeous, and the 70's quilt brings me back to my teens, when I was in high school! I loved disco music then and I still do! :)

  2. I would love to visit a will probably somewhere in the States, maybe California although we have some in Michigan close by. Very sweet and your girls are beautiful.

    The bed! Let me fall into it right now! ;-D

    Jane x

  3. Ohhh...I love your pictures so much!
    And the chair in fabric is amazing....
    Your bedspread is lovely, that color is beautiful!
    What a lovely and very sweet picture of 3 lovely lady's...

    Love and hugs,

  4. You had a wonderfull time, something to remember later... Beautiful pics of all those golds and pinks!
    have a nice day,
    groetjes van Marijke

  5. Awwww, look how lovely you are!!! I love your top too! Your daughter's style is awesome, I love the chair wrapped in fabric, what a fantastic and creative idea! I have a chair that would look great wrapped in some RA fabric...hmmmm! Your bedspread is beautiful, what a great find. I love your little ballerina, so pretty:)

    I've never been to a winery but would love to someday. A busload of tipsy women, can't blame the driver for wanting to swap places! I'm sure it's bittersweet letting go of your sweet mama's home but you'll always have your memories and hopefully the new owners love it!

    Hugs my friend and hope you're having a great week!

  6. Stunning pics of your beautiful home. Everything is such gorgeous and there' s always a romantic and soothing atmosphere in your cozy home. The chair is fabulous..very clever idea!
    HUgs Alessandra

  7. WHAT gorgeous a home you have, and your photos showing the most beautiful belongings of yours. I love all the romance, and the bedspead is looking fabulous there, with all the pink accents.Also a lovely photo of you 3, on tour, sounds like a wonderful day !! x

  8. Sweet friend, your posts are always so beautiful and every time I see your whimsical pictures I am taken to a world of loveliness.

    Have a wonderful day. Hugs!

  9. Such a lovely post with your gorgeous finds. The brocade spread is so beautiful.
    Mary Alice

  10. I take it that your mother's home, is officially up for sale. Do not envy you this, as I had to do it, all by myself, as an only child. Hope you, are not doing it all.

    Fun to see-the-blogger. And what fun you must have had, on that Birthday outing. :-)

    A bus full of tipsy ladies! Oh mercy!!!!!! -giggggles-

    Gentle hugs,
    Luna Crone

  11. You have a lovely blog♥ and nice pictures♥..Hugs Gaby..♥

  12. Gorgeous photos. I want to dive into that sumptuous bed, enjoy a cuppa and flip through a mag or two. LOVE the fabulous brocade bedspread and the 70's blue quilt....I am in need of an oxygen mask. =) How cool is the chair Bree wrapped in fabric...such a brilliant idea. Love the photo of you and Bree and her friend. The Hunter Valley is always a lovely place to visit.

  13. Dearest Bron, HELLO!!!! First of all, thank you so much for visiting my blog post. Just yesterday, I was finally able to get three copies of the magazine, and truly, it is so fun to see your own house in a professional magazine. We are thrilled!

    Now, I must find you on Instagram! I have been there for a year and four months now, and I love it. Lastly, your style is absolutely stunning. Your photography is soft and captures the silence of the moment. Your rooms are elegant and fabulous! I wish you a wonderful autumn out in Great Britain, and ours is just starting to turn. Lovely to see you and I will go to your IG page! Anita

  14. Hello Bron ,
    your sleeping room looks like a fairytail. So beautiful.

  15. I am so happy to see you in a photo, Bron!!! It makes everything more personal! Your photos of your home are always so beautiful! The colors just make me melt. Your decorating style is inspiring, and one of a kind. I caught up on all the latest posts, and am impressed with your daughter's home as well as yours.
    Enjoy all of the changes going on over there, dear friend.
    Love to you.

  16. Enjoyed reading this lovely post Bron.
    Your bedspread looks gorgeous styled with all the roses.
    Great photography as well.
    I love what bree has done with the chair.

  17. Three beautiful Ladies. I wish I could shop with you guy's.
    Great post. yvonne

  18. Came back for another look at the rose prints, love them. yvonne

  19. That brocade bedspread is simply gorgeous and I love the quilt on the couch. The one that got me so much is the chair wrapped in fabric! I have that exact chair and it is in kind of bad shape. It has been sitting in my back room waiting to do something to it. What a great transformation! Your day out sounds absolutely lovely.

  20. Dearest Bron, good morning! I just happened to open my blog and I just saw you had visited! Thank you so much and I look forward to seeing another one of your blog posts soon. Your world is so beautiful and inspiring! Have a lovely, autumnal day! Anita

  21. Another lovely post bron. I love the pink tulle in pic 2 and also how you have styled throughout your photos, all the pink roses with accents of gold and metallic. Everything looks really beautiful.
    Bree's chair is awesome! x

  22. I just love your Blog very Creative and interesting. Looking forward to see more blogs like that

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  23. Merry Christmas, and boy, you and Daughter look like sisters.
    Have a wonderful 2017. yvonne


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