Friday, December 25, 2015

Happy Christmas Day.

I took a few pics on my iphone of our Christmas lunch table today....not quite finished but almost there.

 My daughter folded the napkins into Christmas trees.

Enjoy your Christmas everyone:-))

Til next time



  1. Hey-Hooo Bron, for my "German" eyes. wow, it lookes like a tropical x-mas. As here it is cold and grey, the trees are naked, though we are experiencing a very mild winter.
    So merry x-mas to you :) Happy Holyday-greetings from Méa

  2. Lovely Christmas table, so colorful and cheerful:) Merry Christmas! All the best! Ala

  3. Gorgeous gorgeous table setting,really looove it...hope you had a beautiful Christmas xx

  4. Wow, it looks gorgeous! How talented of your daughter to fold the napkins into tree's, they look adorable. I love your Christmas crackers too, I've never seen any that color! I came down with a cold on Christmas day but battled through it, it hit me hard yesterday so I'm on my 2nd day of staying in bed, drinking tea and eating soup. My brother and family were supposed to arrive today but, due to them all being ill, they postponed it a day and will arrive tomorrow hopefully I'm ship shape by then:)

    Happy Christmas and thank you for sharing your beautiful table settings!!!

  5. It definitely makes me Wish I could come to your house for Lunch! *Winks* What an Amazing Festive Ambiance you have Created! A Happy New Year coming to you from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  6. Your tables looked wonderful for your holiday meal, Bron! I scrolled through your previous posts and am truly hooked on your blog! I LOVE your decor! What a delight!
    Happy New Year to you....