Wednesday, October 7, 2015

It's The Simple Things.

The new Romantic Country magazine arrived in the letter (bill) box today.....since it's my favourite magazine ever and with only four copies a year, it's a bit of a big deal when it get's here. l made a cup of green tea (yep, that's right ladies- livin' on the edge:-) and sat in the papasan in the garden room where the light's better (easier on the old lady eyes :-)and had a squiz mightn't sound like much, but all those pages of pretty made me core happy:-)
A few days ago Mum celebrated her 77th birthday, she asked that we not make too much hooha (which we're inclined to do) so we all  just went out for afternoon tea, (which was delish by the way:-)....She's been hugely brave in choosing to go back into chemotherapy and this week despite having to sit in hospital for the best part of three days she's holding up really well, so hopefully we'll be celebrating a few more Birthday's yet:-)

l know l'm late getting this post up..... the photos were taken about 2 weeks ago so l should have posted sooner, and l would have.....but it's such a struggle for me to figure out what to write about...and l don't want to just post pictures since to me a blog should have a bit of a story, (otherwise we'd just use pinterest or instagram) but blog stories don't just pop into my head....Geez if ONLY!!

On the other hand......having a chance to fluff  and create some pretty pics is pure bliss and for the most part comes together without too much effort or forethought. All l really need to find is an inspiration piece or idea.... so often flowers work, though for these pics it was the vintage floral pillowcases that sparked the process.




This is a photo of Mum and me on her Birthday a few days ago. 

Anyway it's so lovely of you to stop by my blog, thank you....have a lovely rest of your week.

Til next time,



  1. Le tue immagini sono sempre pura poesia!

  2. Awwww, you're so pretty!!! What a lovely pic and prayers for your sweet and very brave mom:)

    I love your shelving piece! It looks so much like the ones RA sells...just lovely. And all your Sacred hearts are gorgeous too. All your little details are just perfect:) I wouldn't stress over what to write on your blog, I know so many women who've worried about it so much that they've abandoned blogging altogether. If you can't think of anything then just post pics!

    I love Romantic Country! Do you follow Debbie from the Lakehouse blog? Her house is featured in there, starts on page 66. She's such a sweet person and I was so happy for her when I found out!

    Have a lovely day (or night where you are I guess!)

  3. Love that work station, it's such a shabby chic piece worn and weathered with the grace of age.
    Your bright cottage colours cheer even the greyest of days we are entering. Don't doubt yourself with blogging, keep inspiring from your heart plenty will fall In Love with your style. I adore Fifi and her amazing self, she is a busy lady running on inspiration, I too have been featured in her publications and it's a real honor.

    See you soon and the beauty you create


  4. Wonderful photo of you and your mom. I love your pillows and how they are displayed on that gorgeous wood shelf - it is a perfect piece of furniture. Sometimes, all I want to do is just look at pretty photos - so please don't feel that your photos always need a story. Check out - most of her posts are just beautiful photos and it is always a pleasure to look at. Happy Birthday to your mom, and I pray all goes well for her.

  5. Beautiful photo of you and your Mom. Love your sense of color since I am a girl who loves color. If i lived closed you'd be missing a pillow or two!

  6. Beautiful pics! i love the console its so rustic glam. The styling is just perfect. Thanks so much for stopping by and thank you for the well wishes. Birthday regards to your mom, I wish her good health.

  7. Beautiful pics! i love the console its so rustic glam. The styling is just perfect. Thanks so much for stopping by and thank you for the well wishes. Birthday regards to your mom, I wish her good health.

  8. Such beautiful pictures and beautiful interior! Romantic. Good luck for your mum's health.
    Have nice day from France. It was a cold night.
    Regards Janny

  9. Happy thoughts to your mother ! Just love your so romantic home.
    Xoxo from PARIS

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