Friday, April 18, 2014

Happy Easter Break.

l hope your Easter is full of happiness........

l don't even have an Easter pic for you guys...SOZ....but it's been a bit crazy around here. ( could be just me:-))

The job l've been working in for the past year or so came to an end yesterday. l knew it was going to....and although l'm not able to give up my current career straight away, l've been thinking a LOT about how l want to spend my future working days..... and l'm thinking NOW might be the time for a change.

So a couple of weeks ago (thanks to my Sis:-) l rang the large collectible centre in our town to see if they had any spare site's.... at that time there was nothing available, though he did say there was a chance that one might be coming up after Easter, but that he'd ring me and let me know if, and when...... l was sitting on the couch with very mixed feelings, wondering about how to move forward when the phone was the manager of the mill markets to tell me that the site he'd mentioned WAS available and that l could move in next week!!!

So...decision made:-)....but l've really gotta move, there's so much to organise....and not the least is working out what "treasures" to sell and l know it's gonna be a wrench parting with lots of them.....but l had a bit of an AHAH moment recently when l read something written by Christina Strutt (Cabbages and Roses.) who said she only ever sold what she loved, and l can see that has to be my goal too...... no trying to hang on to all the good stuff...and even then, there's no guarantee this venture will work but l'm excited for the chance to try....and kinda scared too:-)

This little side table had a bad case of the wobbles when l found it, and (thankfully) wasn't beyond my limited skills to fix, the timber was stained a typical yuck brown so out came the paint to add a little colour. On the wall above the bedhead are circular mirrors that were once part of an antique brass bed.

These lovely old frames were produced around the turn of the last century and some forward thinking people must have been into upcycling even then, as apparently they were made from old piano keys.

l hope you've enjoyed the "boudoir" pics:-) lsn't it amazing how just putting a few different linens on the bed can completely transform the appearance of your room. The damask doona cover in the first pic was overdyed with Rit (teal) dye...the mismatched pillowcases were also dyed in the same colour, but not the same dye lot. The pink cut velvet quilt was an opshop find and the pink cushion was made to match.

bellanottelinens..............Sweet and lovely Springtime linens.

Thanks so much for stopping by.....wishing you all a relaxed, happy and most of all safe Easter break...
Til next time,



  1. Много романтична спалня имаш Брон, в любимите ми цветове.
    Весел Великден от мен.

  2. What a beautiful post, lovely Bron! I love all your pretty pics, especially pink florentine tray! Enjoy the weekend and have a happy Easter, xo

  3. Wow! I'm in love with your beautiful blue bedding bedroom! It's heavenly! Happy Easter to you! Love ~ Vanessa

  4. witam przepieknie uwielbiam pozdrawiam z polski a tak przy okazji spokojnych siat wielkanocnych

  5. Love your today post-love blue color in your home dear!!! The frames and table is gorgeous!! xoxo
    Happy Easter!
    V icky

  6. Wow, how absolutely beautiful!!! I don't think I'd be able to get out of bed:) Do you have Amazon there? I know they have White Brite on there or maybe you could get some directly from their site? Happy Easter!!!

  7. Hi Bron,
    enjoy you Easter. I enjoy your blue palette and your frames!

  8. Radosnego Alleluja! Happy Easter Bron! All the best for you and your family! Ala

  9. How exciting!! I'm sure you will enjoy that! It's nice to do a little "spring cleaning". :) Your photos are as beautiful as ever!

  10. Bron, all the beautiful blues really catch my eye.
    I love your styling and all the ruffles and frills.
    You have a Market! Yay!

  11. Bron, I am always so entranced by your lovely lovely vignettes! I would love to be a guest in your home. Every picture depicts beauty and warmth, which is what I imagine you and your home exude. Again, I am so happy to learn of your new adventure. I am so inspired. xo