Saturday, September 28, 2013

Antique Lace.

A bit messy isn't it, but l wanted to share ALL of this lovely bed throw including the fringed edges. lt was found at the market a couple of weeks ago and the seller thought it to be over a hundred years old. Not in perfect nick but let's face it what IS at that age:-) l'd like to give it a wash but l'm not brave enough in case it shrinks or falls the long sumptuous (genuine) fur coat Mum bought (at a jumble sale) many years ago, she put it in a bathtub of warm water to give the lining a bit of a scrub and the whole dam thing fell apart. Poor Mum l can still remember her having a cry over it....of course fur's not too PC these days but back then it was a FANTASTIC find.
My garden is still scant of flowers  however the next door neighbors' lovely blossom tree was hanging oh so temptingly over the fence....l'm sure they won't mind:-)  

l have 2 buds on my peony rose bush and since it's about 4 years old and never flowered l'm pretty keen to get a bloom. l reluctantly rose at 4.20AM this morning to cover them up. It was so cold l was worried it would frost and burn the buds off. l've already wrapped the entire bush in bubble wrap to protect it from the wind. Let's hope all this molly coddling pays off:-)

More old earrings...these with a British lion on each one, not to wear of course...they'd be hideous, but to pull apart and use somehow. Shell trinket box, a couple of dollars from the market.
Old perfume bottles... the darker blue ones are LouLou,..a wonderful scent...BIG back in the day.



More experimenting with paint.....l splattered and finger painted this tutu onto a tshirt....

Loved this shirt..... spotted on the $2.00 rack at the salvos..won't wear it's a bit small....but hey, l'm happy for it to hang around:-))
 Lovely bedroom  jenniferrizzo. via pinterest. Chandeliers in a dodgy position though:-)

Beautiful vintage....oxygenart. via pinterest.
 So glad you could stop by, hope you have a fantastic weekend wherever you and whatever you're up to.
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  1. Hi Bron.the lace is amazing-you have beautiful things!!!!!! Have a nice day!

  2. Наистина разкошни дантелени изделия! Страхотна находка.
    Поздрави и хубава неделя.