Saturday, September 14, 2013

Corner of the Garden Room.

 This WAS going to be a long post about vintage shopping...but just couldn't make it happen this week, however l still wanted to post.....Luckily l managed to take some pics earlier in the week.
l set up a corner of the garden room with some of my favourite recent vintage finds.
The sweet ladies at the Friday opshop insisted on GIVING me this lovely old was my favourite find:-))
Forgot l even had this cane  usually sits in a cupboard... storing balls of wool. 
Colourful old enamel butterfly brooch....another to add to the growing pile l already have. 

Cups and saucers always remind me of visits to my Aunty Mary. (Mums' sister). Tea at her house is ALWAYS served complete with cup, saucer and matching cake plate on a clean tablecloth. Mum, Sis and l get in a panic that we might spill our tea, or worse chip or break something. Clumsiness is rife in our family, so it's not a good mix :-))   
Also found some vintage millinery roses, who could resist.
 Aqua flower friendly jar's from  Typo.  $3.95 each.

Interesting old tea cup. The hook on the back allows it to be hung flat against a wall....kinda funny too:-))
Last of all is this bejewelled "genie" jar.
Spring bedroom. indulgy via pinterest.
Gorgeous kitchen. amazingbedroomdecorationideas.  via pinterest.
Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Thanks for popping in here.....
Til next time,


  1. Beautiful finds and colours!!! Love the pink basket, is so sweet! Have a great weekend!!! xoxo Michaella

    1. Thanks so much for your lovely comment Michaela, l'm so happy you enjoyed the post...have a wonderful rest of your week:-))

  2. Love how you mixed the beautiful colors in your home!!!And congrat from 100 followers dear!!!!

    1. Thanks so much Michaela and also for the 100 followers congrats.. it's great to finally reach that goal. Hope you have a great week too.

  3. Beautiful vignette! I love the screen in the background. Always love to visit your blog! I hope you have a wonderful week!

    1. Thanks so much for your lovely comment Jennelise it means a lot. Have a lovely week.

  4. I love how you have mixed all these beautiful colors, they make me feel joyful.
    Thank you for your visit and comment, You are welcome!
    I hope you will enjoy reading my blog =)

    1. l loved visiting your beautiful blog Silvia and seeing your lovely home...l'll definitely pop back over to see what else you're up to:-)) Thanks for your lovely comment also.

  5. I love it, the combination of pink and turquoise, beautiful colors.

    1. Thanks Vicky. l'm so glad you enjoyed all the colours...that's wonderful. Have a great week won't you.

  6. Bron, color color vibrant beautiful colors is always present in your posts!! Your color choices are so reminiscent of the coastal colors! I love it!!

    I love your cups and saucers. Recently I bought two beautiful cups and saucers. I want to purchase more so that I can have lovely pieces for serving my sisters, mom, and friends. It's such a wonderful feeling to have pretty things at the table.

    I love your new finds at the opshop. How lovely for the ladies to give you a bookmark. And such a beautiful bookmark at that!

    Your basket color is beautiful. It's too pretty not to keep out.

    And, last, I LOVE the "half a cup"!! Too funny!!! xoxo

  7. What a lovely comment thank you so much for that...l'm sure you'll be able to find some more cups and saucers to serve tea with your family...what fun and the table will look so pretty with them all set up:-)) Yes the bookmark is lovely isn't it...l DID leave the ladies a donation Shelly l couldn't possibly take it for nothing, and they're always so generous to everyone. Wishing you a wonderful week ahead.

  8. Hello Bron !
    Always such a delight for me to come see your beautiful world of lovliness ! Really inspiring to me and love, love, love, all the splashes of of color !!!!! Your home is absolutely dreamy and I know I would feel right at home !
    Much love to you and enjoy your lovely spring !

    XX~ Steph