Monday, May 20, 2013

Pretty In Pink.

Any old excuse to buy roses is fine with me and when l saw they had stacks of them at Aldi's for Mothers Day, l couldn't resist buying some bunches in different shades of pink :-))....anyway they inspired this very pink, girly frou frou post... 

The lace tablecloth was a piece of coffee coloured fabric that l threw into a petal pink (rit) dye bath. The dye wasn't taking too well over the coffee colour so l threw in half a bottle of cochineal as well, which did the trick nicely.

The parasol which was originally white ....l dyed blue a while ago....l'd planned to overdye it pink eventually, so into the dye bath it a pretty mauve... oui :-))
The crocheted bag was also tossed in (it was cream). 

The kitchen table looking like a florists on Mothers Day.


My chubby little can't help but smile when you see his happy face. 


aliceiswonderful. via pinterest....Amazing feature wall.

Thanks so much for stopping by.... and for your lovely and appreciated comments..... hope you have an awesome week.

Til next time,



  1. Hi Bron!!!Your new post is beautiful-love your pink roses and your dyed blue parasol-it's perfect dear!!!
    Have a nice week!

  2. Gosh, Bron, this post is amazing with all the pink
    and mauve and your endless styling skills are extraordinary!
    It really is sooo beautiful.
    x michelle

  3. Bron, I love pink, it's no secret. This post is deliciously pink, amongst other beautiful pastel colors!! You are so talented with your dye! I get so excited with each of the projects you recreate with dye! I remember my mother using Ritz dye when we were younger. It was an easy and incredible way to change the decor, or fix an unsightly stain. Such a wonderful product when used with an artistic ability.

    I am mesmerized by the beauty of the second to last photo. You must've photo shopped/edited the color? It's gorgeous. I had to PIN it!! Love it! xox

  4. l agree Shelly, dye is such a wonderful way to give things new life and it certainly works way better these days...l love the stuff:-)) Yes l certainly tinkered with that photo, combination of cross colour and light setting in picassa. Glad u liked it.