Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Vintage Wedding.

Only a couple of days now until Winter's upon us here in Oz and in a way l'll be glad when it arrives cos the sooner it's here.. the sooner it can be OVER :-) l know lots of people love the Winter especially all those ski bunnies heading off to the snowfields....but l just don't enjoy being cold...anyway it's coming, ready or not... hmmm now just WHERE are those thermals, coats and brolly:-))  

l know the post title says a vintage wedding but first l thought l'd share this idea for the hanging shell "chandy" l found.... it may have been a pot plant holder in the 70's. l WAS going to paint it white....that is until l spotted this perfectly beachy blue.
l hung it from a tree branch outside and gave it two coats of "Creation Blue" spray paint. 

Why, l'm not sure....but l keep finding old wedding bits and pieces on my junk travels lately, so l took it as a sign and put a wedding post together. This bridal mag dated 1962 was my favourite find. lt was such a blast from the past to see all the gowns and advertising from around the time my Mum and Dad got married.

A few of the other bits l found....a  pink 60's bridal bouquet, wedding cake card and mercury glass goblet. 

A dream job for me would be a wedding stylist...l'd totally love the chance to bring all the couples' visions and ideas to life to make their day extra special....especially if their taste was oodles of flowers, fairy lights, mismatched china and vintage table linens.  

Long gloves made from soft fine leather....screw on earrings..(yowch!! if you've ever worn them you KNOW they hurt :-) and lucky horseshoe.

Vintage bride dress from the eighties.

Vintage veiled headwear  lovemydress via pinterest. 

Wedding cake toppers....cherishedvintage via pinterest.

What a lovely place to get married... the prairie.rachelashwell via instagram.

Well.... l really  hope you've enjoyed this post as much as l did putting it together:-))
Thanks so much for dropping by.

Til next time.



  1. Здравей Брон, чудесен пост! Обичам стари ретро сватбени аксесоари, толкова са романтични и очарователни.
    Страхотно настроение си създала.
    Поздрави и прегръдки от мен.

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment lovely Nelly.

  2. Love your hanging shell "chandy"-I need too!!!LOVE!!!And love your style-it's amazing!!!

    1. It's great you loved the chandy Michaela...and thanks for the thumbs up re: the styling, it was a lot of fun putting it all together.

  3. Bron, your new background is lovely and extremely effective with the shaded areas
    that give it a 3D effect.
    The newly sprayed chandy is such a glorious colour, your styling and photography
    is wonderful.
    Pics 1 & 2 are my faves because of your beautiful use of colour and texture.
    Pic 8 is also a fave with the blurring of the background.
    x michelle

    1. Thanks so much for the feedback Shel. Changing the template was the last thing l could think of to try to get my followers showing back up on my sidebar....l was so relieved when it worked. l figured if l was going to change the template l may as well make a few visual changes as well:-))
      Thanks for letting me know which pics you enjoyed and why, it's always nice to know what others "see" and like.

  4. Hello Bron! Sorry that I didn't visit you at your blog so long, but I have so much work. But today I have a day off and I have time for my pleasure...
    Your pictures are lovely! I really like them! Hugs Ala

    1. Hi Alice it's so great you've had the time to stop by, thanks so much for your lovely comment. Sounds like you're very busy but try not to work tooo hard:-))

  5. You have such a beautiful blog. Love your header; so pretty with the flowers & the statue of the Blessed Mother. Your styling of the wedding stuff is great as well. And the blue of the shell chandy is absolutely perfect.

  6. Thanks so much for popping in Julie and for your very lovely comment, l'm so glad you like the header and l agree "Mary" is still pretty despite the fact that she's been beheaded (and reheaded)at some stage... but a few old cracks and chips just means things have been well loved and used doesn't it:-)