Friday, April 20, 2012

Flea Finds and Florals.

Well anyone'd think it's Spring round here with the amount of florals l've got going on in this post, but we seem to be enjoying an "Indian Summer" so (in the garden) l'm still enjoying roses, japanese windflowers.... both white and double pink, as well as velvety salvias and the ever reliable geraniums.

The statice flowers were bought at the market last week, the colours were my inspiration for this post.
These flowers are called everlastings 'cos the petals are crisp and papery. If you hang them upside down and dry them out.....they'll keep their colours and last for years.
 The fabric you see is an old brunch coat (summer dressing gown) prob'ly 60's, (does anyone else remember them). Practical l guess... but NOT flattering....though the colours in this one are pretty.

A couple of lucky?? buddha's...they looked so happy, chubby and relaxed l couldn't leave them behind at the oppy, and Avon cameo stick pin.

One of my paintings is in the  background. lt was painted during my dot painting phase:-)

l've been after a Royal (commemorative) cup for ages, but haven't been able to find one..... but almost as good was this Buckingham Palace souvenir glass l found at the market...Still in its original box, wrapped in crown tissue paper....cost $3.00, not at all old but still nice. 

and last but not least l found this pretty old diamente hair comb...a bit bent up, but only a $1.00.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend coming up....thanks for popping over for a peek.

Til next time,



  1. Gosh Bron, the colours are so, so pretty ... the flowers and the brunchcoat colours together are really striking.
    I love the blue bird bud vases too.
    Thanks for sharing your treasure and lovely photos.
    x michelle

  2. Gorgeous! The colors are gorgeous! Your collections are always so gorgeous! I LOVE the vases with the little birds! I have never seen such delicate little beauties. And, I do remember the hideous brunchcoats from the 60's and 70's. I know they were practical, but not so fashionable. But, you definitely found one with a gorgeous color scheme. You have such luck finding so many treasures. I would love to be on side of you on your shopping trips. xo