Saturday, September 19, 2015

Sunshine, Flowers and Dress Rack.

So recently l've been thinking about all the connecting we do, and that's because the other day l got to cuddle a teeny baby, hug and talk with a friend who's almost 90, chatted on the phone to my daughter in another state, visited mum and made phone calls for her. Sent texts to a couple of friends and relo's, commented on a few blogs, read and sent some emails, and had my son over for a meal.....and l mean we're ALL doing this kind of stuff EVERY day.... it's amazing really, and l was thinking with all this interacting going on.... its a great opportunity to spread the positive vibes, and in my case re-think the grumping about things (like the crappy weather:-).....Any way here's my input for the day.....l hope these pics brighten and lighten up your day:-)

l found a proper vintage dress rack at the opshop..... l'm guessing 50's. They were selling quite a few of them and replacing them with new steel ones....this one is wooden and has copper castors so it can be moved around easily.....and l DO like to be moving things around:-)

Some of my old frocks....just hangin' round:-)

Blossoms from the neighbours trees that spill over into our garden. 
Love the cover on this book from around 1920.
Thanks so much for stopping by and l hope you all have some relaxing down time over the weekend.
Til next time.


  1. Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful!!! What can I say other than everything on your blog is always beautiful. Take care, Darlene

  2. So beautiful! I love your sentiment as well! It is important to connect with people <3
    Jennelise xo

  3. I love the bench at the end of your bed! I've been on the lookout for one but haven't come across any yet. Your new dress rack looks lovely and your dresses are gorgeous...looks perfect in your bedroom. Your home is honestly magazine worthy!

    I have all boys and they're not the best with phone calls but they're great texter's so we keep in touch a lot that way. It's amazing how far technology has come tho and how much contact we can have these days. When we left England in 76, it was either hand written air mail letters or very rare phone calls due to the high cost of it.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog, I was thinking of dying one of the doilies an aqua or blue color and making a dream catcher out of it for my SIL. I loved your t-shirt idea but I'm a hopeless seamstress:( Hope you had a lovely weekend and here's to a new week:)

  4. So pretty, and love the wooden rack you found...I just found a metal one and would love a wood one. I also love the bench at the end of your bed, but our bedroom is large enough to fit one. It is important to connect to others.

  5. These are photos worthy of a print magazine! It's so cheerful and feminine. You do an amazing job putting it all together. It's glorious!