Sunday, June 28, 2015

Cane Papasan.

Since painting the garden room l'd been looking for something a bit funky for this corner, and when l spotted this cane papasan at Ishka, lt just felt right.....but of course that didn't stop me from pondering over it for a couple of weeks before l splashed the cash:-) It's really comfy and some colour was added to the room by adding bright cushions......l used some 70's daisy fabric to make the large blue one....(Garden room before.... here.)

 70's shawls were added to the chairs and tables for a bit of fun.

So then this wall was screaming for new artwork.....l wanted something 70's inspired to go with "the look" so l painted a square canvas which was then turned on the diagonal. l then drew a peace sign and trying to think OUTSIDE the square l then CUT the peace sign out, l added stitching and hung twist cords and tassels which were also made to match. Beads and bits finish the artwork. l like that it's different from anything else l've seen.
Detail of the 70's inspired stitching and  multicoloured cords.

This little vase was one l created yonks ago. Originally the vase was just plain....l added shells and pearls using Tarzan Grip glue and when dry the entire vase was painted in white pearl nail polish to give it a pretty pearl sheen.

By changing the cushions and table accessories to pretty pastel colours, it's easy to give the corner a more of a shabby romantic feel. 
Have a wonderful rest of your weekend everyone. Thanks so much for stopping by.



  1. Gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous!! Love everything, the lace, the colours, thank you for sharing with us

  2. Looks all pretty. Nice shawls and I like the color of the blue table.
    regards Janny

  3. Gorgeous! What an inviting summer space!

  4. I can see I'm behind on your posts, need to catch up! Wow, your space looks so gorgeous, very lively and fun! I love the wall piece you created too. I never thought of painting things with nail polish before, I may have to try that sometime (looking around the room now to see if there's anything I can attack with nail polish LOL).

    We had a papasan chair when I was in high school, it was sort of a think dark cane and had an orange cushion...we loved it, it was so comfy to sit in! We called it "the egg chair". If it was still around I'd definitely have to claim it and paint it white:)

    Hope you're having a lovely week my friend!

  5. You always make such Inviting Bright Happy Spaces in your Home... it makes me Smile. I too had a Cane Papasan Chair for many years... who doesn't Love them! Dawn... The Bohemian

  6. Splendidly imparted. Stunning quality. Worth Reading.