Saturday, June 20, 2015

White Boho.

 While l was searching for bohemian pics for my post last week, not ONLY was l finding lots of colourful images, l was really surprised at how many very pale ones l was finding as l was thinking maybe you guys might enjoy seeing my idea of the WHITE boho look.

 Floor cushions, plants low seating and casual wall displays.....Source.

 Cane swing chair, fringed lace and ethnic rug.....Source.
Morrocan style poufs, low coffee table and low slung lighting....fur and fringing.....Source.

 Fringed throw and cushions...woven baskets, ethnic doors and shag pile rug....Source.

Morrocan style light fitting and patterned rug and fur throw. Leather poufs....Source.
Gorgeous fringing.... rustic walls and floors. Shag rug...via pinterest but source unknown.  
Artfully painted walls and mismatched patterned rugs and cushions. Morrocan tea glasses.
Woven swing chair....Source.
Rustic wooden walls, heavy lace curtain, mismatched patterned flooring....Source.
Not quite bohemian but lovely faded colours and rough hewn flooring.....Source. 
Morrocan style birdcage and lamp.....Source.
Lace, fringing and low bed.....Source.

Thanks so much for popping in here and l hope your weekend is awesome.

Til next time,


  1. Beautiful! I think the first picture is my favourite :) Add a touch of pink here and there and it's perfect!

  2. Ahhhh! Gorgeous! I love this very much. This looks very serene. Thanks for putting this post together.

  3. Wow, you found some really amazing inspiration pics! I loooooove that first room, I could totally live with that. I know a lot of the shabby chic crowd is incorporating the Boho look into it now...I'm terrible at it but I do love the look. The last pic is lovely also!