Saturday, May 14, 2016

The Mantle Shelf.

l know it was almost a week ago but l hope you all had a fabulous Mother's Day last Sunday....l woke up yesterday and realised it was Thursday.....could someone PLEASE explain to me where Monday Tuesday and Wednesday went.....since l'm also having a Birthday this week, p'raps my time warp  is just an age thing setting in...haha!!.. Mother's Day l'd planned to visit a pretty tourist town and market, not too far from here, however the forecast was VERY ordinary and since l'd been to the cemetery to visit Mum's grave on the Saturday (in light of this) l didn't bother even poking my head outside....instead l sat on my bed and spent two and a half hours reading the new Jeanette Philipse'd been sitting in my cupboard for 9 DAYS, but was largely funded by son so wasn't to be opened til THE day...(brutal)... but wait l DID and felt no guilt whatsoever in perusing it's gorgeousness most of the morning:-)
We've also decided to begin the process of selling Mums house this week, so have been meeting with and choosing a real estate agent we feel we can trust...It'll be sad to hand it over...the end of an era really, but have accepted that this is what needs to happen....and it's our hope that whoever buys it will love and enjoy it as much as Mum and we have.

So even though three days this week went MIA:-) l still found time to do a bit of spramping here in the family room....An old mantle was one of my buys from a while ago and l've been asking (nagging) hubby to shoot a few nails into the shelf as it was detached from the rest of the mantle...After a bit of eye rolling he finally bowed to my will:-) It WAS dark brown timber so of course it got a few coats of white paint.

A few sea-washed bottles on the mantle with the last of my blooms from the garden...roses and japanese windflowers. The wall art is in two pieces and was hanging on an outside shed wall at a garage sale l visited last week....clearly NOT for sale, but that didn't stop me asking and surprisingly the lady said YES....nice bit of rusty gold:-)

Jeanette's new it she has a vignette of some cut glass little arrangement isn't near as pretty as hers... but it was fun trying:-)

l took some pics of the fireplace on it's own, and then experimented with this firescreen.

Looking across to the dining room.

Trying out a painting before the garage sale where l found the metal art.

Well that's most of what's been happening here in my neck of the woods....hope you've enjoyed the post. Thanks so much for stopping by for a visit.



  1. Ahhhh, I LOVE your mantel! I want one soooo badly! Last year I was driving down one of the residential streets and I saw my dream mantel on the curbside, meaning it was free to pick up but there's no way I could have lifted it and no way it would've fit in my car. As soon as Kyran got home from work I told him we needed to go and get it. We were just about 40 feet from it when the car coming in the opposite direction swerved over to the curb, 2 women jumped out and started hauling into the back of their SUV...I was so crushed:( I still think about it to this day! Sniffle sniffle:(

    Anyway, yours is absolutely gorgeous! It sounds like you had a wonderful Mother's Day cozied up in bed with your beautiful new book! I love your little metal it going to stay metal or will you eventually buckle and paint it white LOL:)

    I imagine it will be very difficult letting your mom's house go but, like you said, hopefully a family moves in and loves it! Have a wonderful weekend my sweet friend and enjoy that gorgeously shabby home of yours!

  2. Beautifully, romantic and feminine !!!

  3. It's very bittersweet, I'm sure, to go through the process of selling your mother's house. You worded it so well, that your hopes will be that your mother would be happy to know that someone else would love this home.

    I absolutely love your fireplace. I would love an accent like this in our bedroom...the 'real' thing would make me far too warm at night...I'm kicking off blankets as it is! I have to say, I love seeing pictures of your pretty and cozy home. So glad we met. I thank you so much for your visits! :)


  4. So many beautiful things! The mantle looks lovely! I like it with AND without the fire screen. :) Hope you have a marvellous week!
    Jennelise xo

  5. Ohhh...i love your mantel shelf! Very feminine, charming, romantic and sweet. I can see many pretty and lovely objects and the little bottles are gorgeous.Thanks for your sweet comments.

  6. The roses on your shelf are so beautiful! Everything looks so lovely.
    Nice greetings,

  7. Oh my, do you have an absolutely beautiful style! So lovely to look over. Your white mantel is gorgeous. And the shot of the screen in front is especially beautiful. Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving me a good word! It's so well appreciated.

  8. Oh my, do you have an absolutely beautiful style! So lovely to look over. Your white mantel is gorgeous. And the shot of the screen in front is especially beautiful. Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving me a good word! It's so well appreciated.

  9. Everything's looking would be very difficult to go though and sell your Mom's treasures since so many memories must be attached.. You are lucky because my hubs would never let me decorate in this lovely style...

  10. Happy Birthday! Love the room! It's so soft and romantic. The bottles are gorgeous! The mantel is so superb! I have to go check out this book you talk about. It looks amazing. All the best to you!
    big hugs♥,

  11. Hay,

    Your blog and pictures are so so wonderful!
    I love the white and pink soft colors....

    Love MarijkeXXX

  12. Hello Bron....I'm sorry that you are at the stage in your grief that you are selling your mom's home. But, you have to do what you must.
    The fireplace mantle is gorgeous!!! The whole room is beautiful!! you must love sitting in there, and playing with your decor! The fireplace screen is a lovely piece! I am so inspired by your style....we have much of the same taste....sometimes a little quirky...but that makes a person unique, don't you think? My decor isn't for the average person...but that's okay. I feel you have to be a little brave to "step out of the box" when it comes to decorating your home. I love coming here to are a true original!!!
    Have a fun week, my friend.

  13. I'm in LOVE with your mantel display of simple bottles with gorgeous flowers. And that metal garage sale find is the perfect texture to add to the sweet vignette.
    Mary Alice

  14. Hi, thanks for visiting my blog!
    You have the book by Jeannette? I want to buy it. The stylist Linda has photographed my house with Anneke.

    Have a nice day .... wherever you are!